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This asymmetrical globalization process

Globalization and technologies have been modeled by politics, an asymmetrical globalization that weakened the value of work to the benefit of Capital.

The global value of products per year when exchanged is a mere $5 trillions, excluding financial transactions that amount to $5 trillion per day.

Mostly, the previous colonial powers swap their sovereign debts at 3% interest against 8% when lent to developing countries.

The developing countries are pressured to cough up, Not only the interest portion but also part of the principle, of their debts to the colonial powers, lest they pay dearly in political upheavals, military intervention, and economic sanctions.

(For example, Syria that was economically and financially autonomous had to be destabilized. The same goes for Iran)

The colonial powers merely accumulate sovereign debt and never care to repay any part of the principals: The parliaments just vote to raise the budget to cover payments on the interest.

All countries have national debt, and the colonial powers, including Japan and Germany, accumulated trillions of dollars each, and their citizens never hear of this financial situation.

So far, only China has enough surplus money to lent, and mainly because it is producing and exporting at 7% annual growth.

Countries that managed to regulate the flow of speculative capital acquired more stable economies.

The difficulty is “How to regulate and tame the monopoly of the Dollar in the world market of capital“?

States have to rely more on the politics of budget rather than on the monetary policies.

Taking the easy way for controlling monetary fluctuation is not the best remedy for long-term economic stability.

Philanthropic contributions are a pragmatic expression to the notion “taking care of the people around us is good for business”.

Sloppy science

We can measure it.

For decades, every single year, scientists have visited the Galapagos and measured the beaks of a particular species of finch.

And year after year, with each generation, the beaks change, exactly as we’d expect from the weather patterns of the year before. Evolutionary biology works, and rigorous data collection backs it up.

For hundreds of years, though, science has gotten it wrong about gender, race and ethnicity. Eugenics and its brethren sound simple, but often lead to tragic outcomes.

The sloppy scientist says, “on average, across populations, left to its own devices, this group is [not as skilled] [neurotic] [hard to work with] [not as smart] [not as strong] [slower]” etc. They make assumptions without sufficient data, and the rigor is missing.

The first problem is that human beings aren’t averages, they’re individuals. (They can be Medians when subdivided into a dozen of categories?)

And the bigger problem is that we’re never left to our own devices. We are creatures of culture.

The math that we can do on populations of hedgehogs or pigeons doesn’t apply to people, because people build and change and experience culture differently than any other species.

Your DNA is virtually identical to that of the hordes that accompanied Ghengis Khan, as well as most Cro-Magnon cavemen–pass one on the street and you wouldn’t be able to tell that he’s different from you. The reason you don’t act the way they did is completely the result of culture, not genes.

It’s culture that pushes us to level up, to dig deeper, to do things that we might not otherwise do.

It’s culture that finds and encourages and pushes people to become better versions of themselves than anyone else expected to find.

So it was sloppy/lazy/fearful science that said that women couldn’t handle being doctors.

And it was sloppy science that worked to limit the number of Asian, Jewish, Near-Easterns or African students at various institutions.

And it’s sloppy science that’s been used against black people for hundreds of years.

And sloppy science said that a 4 minute mile was impossible and that a woman could never finish a marathon.

Sloppy because it doesn’t include all the relevant factors. (It is almost impossible to interpret results with even 6 factors and their many interrelations and intersections)

There’s nothing wrong with the scientific method, but everything is wrong with using it poorly (and often intentionally).

What we need are caring human beings who will choose to change the culture for the better.

Not all of it, of course. Merely the culture they can touch. The people they can engage with. The human beings they can look in the eye, offer to help, offer encouragement and offer a hand up.

Once we reset the standard, it becomes the new normal, and suddenly, the sloppy science seems like phrenology. Because culture is up to us.

Sloppy science isn’t science at all.

It’s the lazy or wrongheaded use of the scientific method part of the time, mixing in fear for good measure.

Ignoring culture ignores the part that truly matters.

It’s tempting to judge people by their DNA. It makes a lot more sense, though, to see people based on what they can contribute instead.

Why this tradition to wear distinctive signs?

Il y a tout genre d’auteurs, Juifs ou pas, qui enflamment leurs imaginations sur Israel en se basant sur des idees comme:

“La honte d’avoir ete’ epargnee par le malheur”

” De se sentir pauvre et borne’ d’ etre incapable de se lamenter

“Cette terre tourmentee de collines et de plaines seches, de crevasses arides et de mers mortes”

“Cette terre qui n’ avait engendre’ ni luxe ni opulance” (Les Palestininien ont en engendre’, meme dans cette terre aride)

“Cetter terre ou on ne pouvait y survivre que par un sens rugueux du repos qui ne se distingue pas du perpetuel effort, le sens su sacre’…”

Mais ce sont les Palestiniens qui ont survecu sur cette terre sacre’ depuis des millenaires.

Les juifs venus de l’ Orient, de l’ Afrique, des generations qui ont fui L’ Espagne de l’ Inquisition… ressemblent physiquement aux Palestiniens.

Les juifs d’ Israel furent forces de porter la kippa sur leur tete pour se distinguer des Palestiniens, comme ils ont porter le signe jaune sur leur poitrine pour se distinguer des Allemands durant la periode Nazi.

Israel n’ est autre qu’ une autre horde barbare de coloniaux, avec la meme ideology de transfer, de vole et d’ humiliation, d’aparteid de ” la force a toujours raison et absout toutes les indignations”

Note: Jews were desert tribes who barely mingled within cities and never visited the seashore. They inhabited part of Jerusalem for short periods. They never left any artifacts or anything to prove their existence, even during Babylonian or Assyrian periods






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