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Beware: This investigation can turn from ball of fire to rolling hill of fire

After the liberation of the eastern mountain chains in Lebanon (Jroud Ersal and Al Qaa3) from ISIS and Al Nusra extremist Islamic factions, Lebanon can boast to be the first State to be cleansed of concentration of terrorist factions.

These terrorist factions occupied the mountain chains since 2013 and the minister of defense (Ghosn) publicly announced these mass infiltration into our border.

The government of Tamam Salam PM and President Michel Suleiman made sure to deny the facts announced by the minister of defense. The government then was betting on the USA/ France plan to  successfully getting rid of Syria President Assad: Many Lebanese political parties were inclined to view any opposition group in Syria as allies.

Most of the citizens and the government and the political parties Knew that Al Nusra is a Qaeda-based movement and basically the military wing of the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood and is Not an alternative to the Syrian regime and Not fit run a country.

The mass rallies and upheaval in Tripoli and Sidon for these movements, encouraged by the  obscurantist Sunni clerics and political leaders, cowed the government into leaving the border towns and villages without military protection.

In 2013, the government decided to take control of the big town of Ersal after it proved to be the main source of supplying the terrorists with logistics, and also from dispatching suicide car bombs into different regions in Lebanon.

The small army contingent entered the town and the terrorists killed and slaughtered many soldiers and officers in front of the town inhabitants.  Hezbollah resistance forces fought side by side with the army to save the remaining trapped soldiers

In 2014, the army was dispatched again to take control of the town and while shelling the concentrations of the terrorist factions, Al Nusra and ISIS coordinated their attacks and took 2 dozen soldiers and internal forces hostages

The army had the means to free the hostages, but the general commander Shamel Roukoz received order from the chief of staff Kahwaji to refrain from liberating the hostages.

The Al Nusra took the internal forces as prisoners and ISIS 9 of the army soldiers.

Two years later, Al Nusra eventually liberated its prisoners after negotiations

Isis put to death its 8 prisoners in 2015, one of them might have joined ISIS, The Lebanese government knew this piece of intelligence but refrained to share it with the beleaguered families for 3 years.

The families gathered almost every day, for 3 years, demanding information of the status of their children, to No avail.

After ISIS surrendered, the army was able to locate the exact burying ground of the soldiers martyrs.

Now, all hell is braking loose: Why the army failed to liberate the soldiers in the early days of the hostage taking? Why the families were made to endure 3 years the missing of their sons while the government knew of their status?

President Michel Aoun has announced that an investigation to reach the Truth will be undertaken. And Hezbollah’s general secretary Nasr Allah also demanded a full investigation.

Follow the money trail Mr. President. Let the investigation start with this gold thread to unravel the Truth on these infamous leaders who got richer on the blood of the countless martyrs and suffering of the relatives.
All those in power vacated their palaces and responsibilities with suitcases filled with money, and fleet of 4*4 and Mercedes cars.
If the investigation, of the capture of soldiers made hostages by ISIS while the army was capable of liberating them in 2014 in Ersaal, and slaughtered in 2015 without the courage to relaying this information to their parents and relatives, is going to dwell on the foreign pressures in our internal affairs, this Ball of Fire is going to balloon into a rolling Hill of fire.
Once the Hill of fire catches on, the USA will execute its plan to exact its revenge on its defeat in Lebanon.
Note 1: USA had pressured the government to at least delay the liberation from ISIS and blackmailed the President that it will no longer extend weapons to the army if the decision is carried out.
President Aoun convened the High Defense Council, in the presence of Saad Hariri PM, and took the sovereign decision to carry on the decision to free our mountain chains. Hezbollah and the Syrian army had the harder task of liberating the much larger portion on the Syrian side, but the timing and coordination of the military operations were excellent.
Note 2: USA was so unhappy that it bombed a bridge that the convoy of Syrian buses, carrying 300 ISIS fighters and 400 members of their families, on route to reach the Syrian border city Boukamal with Iraq.
Note 3: 7 Syrian and 7 Lebanese soldiers were martyred, along with 11 of Hezbollah resistance forces. Before vanquishing ISIS, Hezbollah had recovered the territory under Al Nusra terrorists and made a deal with them to transfer 1,000 of the fighters and 7,000 extremist supporters to the province of Idlib, also in Syrian buses convoy
Note 4: The Syrian regime managed the feat of establishing free educational system to all, and free health care to all and was self-autonomous economically and financially. It was one of the rare States without any sovereign debt




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