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An explorer blog: Header illustration

Posted on: September 3, 2017

An explorer blog: Header illustration

Hanane Kai posted
Some project are challenging, others feels like second nature to me. This one was both, and a delight!

Rafah was a client, then a friend, who like me and many others is searching for herself and trying to make sense from the things happening around her.

An “explorer”.
I had the pleasure to co-design and to illustrate the header of her blog.
Blog co-designed and developed by William.

Header illustration and blog design for an explorer’s personal blog

Rafah is a young Saudi woman who, like me and many others, is searching for herself and trying to make sense from the things that happen around her. I was commissioned by her to design and create a visual of her blog.

Rafah is an explorer, not in the physical sense, rather in the spiritual sense. Her blog is about her discoveries and realizations, as she explores life.

The quote over the illustration says: “The first step to find yourself is to allow yourself to get lost”.

The blog is co-designed, and developed by William Choukeir.

Click here to read more about/from Rafah

Searching for the self illustration
Explorer blog design and illustration
Explorer illustration

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