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Marketing Seminar? Does it train you to design for health and safety of users?

Posted on: September 16, 2017

Does it help?

Isn’t this the essence of design thinking?

I have a great wool hat that I wear in the winter. Does it help?

Well, that depends on what it’s for.

If it’s designed to keep me warm, then yes, it helps.

How about that meeting you’re going to, that website you’re updating, that question you’re about to ask?

What’s it for?

Does it help?

If it doesn’t help, or you don’t know what it’s for, perhaps it’s time to revisit your choice.

Companies are in such a hurry to put products on the market that they end up re-designing for health and safety, because No professionals in these fields are invited to be on the team, at least to remind them of other factors Not related to usability and ease of use.

Design thinking requires extensive training, especially in designing for experiments and how to conduct the experiment, to control most of the relevant factors that might confound your results.

Design thinking means be able to read research papers in most fields and be able to discover which papers are faulty in the design of the experiment and the appropriate statistical analysis.

Design thinking is what set right headed people apart from those educated or professional people who restrict their study to specific practices and refuse to continue their education and be curious.

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