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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 67

Stop regurgitating that the Republicans are isolationist who refrain from global armed conflict. Do you know of any Republican President who didn’t launch a major war outside the USA in this century?

Now that China stepped in publicly in Syria’s peace process means that “economics” that started this civil war have been mostly resolved

All the stories, faces and emotions your see in your night dreams are All about you, and nobody else. Your brain is telling you how he comprehends and assimilates your entity. Grab your courage and take stock.

In Beirut, architecture is an invention to encourage forgetting how this city used to be. Replaced by modern concrete that has no sense or link to the citizens memories

Burning insulation in in UK released cyanide poison? Killed 79 residents.

Life is of what we remember and how we remember events and emotions. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

There are difficult periods in life that we spend tending to survival, days in, days out. And we try to bury these periods deep in our memory, and they are the ones that afflict our subconscious

Je reconnaissais á la repugnance qu’il m’inspirait qu’il s’agissait sans doute d’un ami

C’était le genre de personage dont les sentiments humanitaires, la sensibilité exaspérée, finissent par ressembler á une véritable haine de l’humanité.

La simplicité d’un objectif unique et résolu est celle de tous les héros “populaires”

Notre continent (USA) n’a pas perdu son attrait pour les gens qui ne se sentent libre qu’une arme au poing

Ces petits malins qui croient que la condition humaine est une question d’organisation: des mesures á prendre

Oui, on dit toujours ca: On veut conserver la nature et la faune. Mais pourquoi les nations mandataires ne montrent pas la voie? Complex de culpabilité? Faux.

Pourquoi les institutions Européennes facilitent la tâche des institutions Israeliennes qui exercent les mêmes culpabilités (racism, apartheid, administrative detention..) vis á vis des Palestiniens?

Un monde fut soulevé durant WWI: Tous ses soldats venus de l’Inde et d’Afrique pour prendre les premiéres lignes de défense. Defendre quoi? Ils ne le savaient pas. 

L’independance de l’horreur des occidentaux viendra aprés

It’s the internal narrative that seeks disaster, just as much as it craves reassurance

Discovering a hundred ways that don’t work is the only way to learn anything of importance

Work creates value. A job is a place to hide and get away

Pour leur varies saloperies, ils s’ habillent

Une colére généreuse et un rêve utopique des actes contre nature et contre la nature, les experiences atomiques en plein air, les camps de concentrations, les regimes totalitaires, le racism endemique et les systems d’apartheid, l’extermination des tribues indigenes…Et la pureté qu’il faut pour causer de grandes massacres.

Americans Disproportionately leading the charge in Settling the West Bank. Are they being nudged there by the stealth efforts of the Israeli government and its NGO allies?

Quds/Jerusalem Day (June 23): We shall Not forget our occupied territories
Erdogan is a modern highway robber and kidnapper of States. He pressured Merkel for $billions to stop immigration and now blackmails Qatar for symbolic security with a couple of outdated tanks




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