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Recurring horror dreams: Driving a car plagued by problems

Twice last week, I dreamt of driving totally malfunctioning cars.

Can’t believe my brain could invent so many malfunctions. I survived countless near-miss accidents.

My dream should have let me stop by the road side and let my lucid dream let the car rot and wake up.

I felt a terrible dry-throat on the road side and nobody to offer me a cup of water.

I had to wake up to drink something, otherwise I might have passed away from a heart attack.

The funny part, I had opted Not to drive for many years now. Could no longer afford the repeated repairs, gas, taxes and driving tickets.

I am heavenly happy Not to own or drive cars. I call my attitude “civil disobedience” in Not extending tax money to this anomy mafia semi-State system in Lebanon

Another time, the car was so bad and the road so impracticable, that I had to carry the car: it felt more feasible than driving it in my night dream.

Carlos Slim, Mexico’s wealthiest businessman

Note: Carlos was the #1 wealthiest person 4 years ago, before being relegated by Bill Gates and now Amazon Jeff Besos. He visited Lebanon 5 years ago, but the civil war mafia “leaders” tried to extort him of advanced payments to projects he had in mind

Late President Shimon Peres met Mexico’s wealthiest businessman Carlos Slim Wednesday.

Peres is on a state visit to Mexico, heading a delegation of 80 top Israeli executives that is seeking to deepen economic, diplomatic and security cooperation between the two countries.

Peres said, “The fact that Israel did not have natural resources led us to rely on and nurture our human resources and encourage young people in Israel to dare, to break through barriers, and to think big.”

Peres extended an invitation to Slim to come to Israel at the head of a delegation of his senior executives and see at first hand the technological developments that Israel has to offer.

Slim said that he was touched to receive such an invitation and will be happy to visit Israel. He added, “Technology is the engine of the present era and the Slim Group will be happy to take part in additional investments in Israel. We like to have our finger on the pulse of everything regarding new technologies and I know that in this Israel is a world leader, so we are interested in Israeli developments. I’m glad that through our connection and friendship the opportunity was created for this unique visit here by the Israeli delegation to Grupo Carso.”

Earlier this month, Slim’s América Móvil SAB de CV made a strategic investment in mobile social networks photo and video-sharing platform Mobli Ltd. as part of the Israeli start-up’s $60 million financing round.




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