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Treating people with kindness

One theory says that if you treat people well, you’re more likely to encourage them to do what you want, making all the effort pay off. Do this, get that.

Another one, which I prefer, is that you might consider treating people with kindness merely because you can. Regardless of what they choose to do in response, this is what you choose to do. Because you can.

Don’t Know Where to Stand on the Israel-Gaza Issue?

Is this Flowchart of any help?

/ TUESDAY, 22 JULY 2014

2014_israel-palestine flowchart_islamandevolution_com


2014_israel-palestine flowchart_islamandevolution_com


Political systems repeat same deadly mistakes. In particular racist and apartheid system

Germany repeated the same strategic military mistake that defeated it in WWI and WWII.

As Germany was about to win the battle in France in WWI and enter Paris again, then it dispatched valuable divisions to the Russian front where they found out Not to be needed.

In WWII, as England was about to throw out the towel, Hitler opened the Russian front.

Israel system still cannot sustain a long protracted war: Its huge military superiority pressures its system to carpet bomb and stop the war within less than a month.

Israel system is based on creating sustained settlement for Only Jews. It refuses any political settlement for Palestinians since this is tantamount to giving up settlements built on robbed Palestinian lands.

The USA was built on conquering more lands for its expanding population and kept up military operations and engagement all around the world.

England steadfastly wanted to be the dominant sea power. It created WWI in order to destroy the fast growing German navy and merchant ships that became the second exporting nation after USA. It found an excuse in WWII to destroy French Navy and merchant ships because it became larger than its feet. And now England is in the tail of the developed nations.

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 69

Time to change name from Arabic Syrian Republic to Syria Arabic Republic: Syria existed thousands of years before Arabic language. Even as Damascus was Capital of Arabic civilization 

If minority political parties identify their minority first before their nation entity, unity of society cannot be secured

Acting as if you sincerely care, doing it with effort and consistency, is what your customers need from you.

Male gorillas are no match in these growling competitions in volley ball games, smacking the ball, no matter how their teeth are longer.

La dictature nous protege comme une mere maniaque et punitive; on grogne mais on y tient. Ne tenez pas trop bon: pensez aux generations suivantes

Le paganisme est une affaire de gout: quand la cuisine offre une palette palatable etendue d’ odeur, de vision, et de variete des cuissons.

Tout et partout est dans les apparences: les gens n’ ont jmais eu le temps necessaire pour s’ accutumer a une vie democratique etendue et libertine.

What if you are a hard worker with a purpose in life and you win some kinds of a lottery? How happy can you be?

India High Court banned Islam divorce verbal procedures by repudiating the wife 3 times (the shameful bil al thalassa?). If Indonesia (first largest Muslim State after India) follows through, most Islamic States will consider a state law, except Saudi Kingdom

Preserving the status quo is the ultimate bureaucratic success stories

Dans la langue Chinoise, le ton de chaque mot change le sens. Le bebe discerne les tons a l’ age de 6 mois: il n’attend pas 2 ans pour comprendre la langue

Croire (Credo) c’ est “faire credit”. Important de temps a autre. Transforme’ en habitude, croire te rendra deficitaire, spirituellement et economiquement

Apprendre a extirper le mepris de soi, qui conduit a la melancolie. Alors, je partage courageusement mon desarroi, mes angoisses et l’ injustice

Tu brules d’ etre une martyre? C’ est trop d’ orguille. Bon, c’ est une meilleure attitude que d’ accepter l’ humiliation injustifie’

Si l’ eternel retour de Heraclite est comme un jeu d’ enfant qui enfante, il ne nie pas le tragique de la procreation, mais connait tous les jeux enfantins: des jeux qui changent et sont remplaces trop souvent.

Il n’ y a que des joueurs megalomanes pour croire qu’ ils menent les jeux: Tous les jeux survivent a leurs joueurs





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