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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 72

Posted on: October 17, 2017

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 72

Combien d’amours n’ont pas pus prendre racines: quand la premiere fois, on éjacule prématurement
USA is trying to give an “Arabic” face to its allies in Syria but failing miserably. The USA is refraining from giving the Kurds more power in order Not to have to use force when the time comes to delete them politically. It wants to establish an air base in Tabaka near Raqqa.. In same time, only Jordan is providing infantry support to its airbase in Tanaf.
The best response of Qatar to the 13 demands of Saudi Kingdom is: We only abide by stopping all financial aids to recognized “terrorist factions”, including Moslem Brotherhood in Turkey, Egypt and Syria.
You’re not as bad or as good as you think you are. In sunshine days, you are better than other days
What would happen if you figured out how to spend two hours a day, every day, without electronics, with your kids?
Looking your kids in the eye, being present, doing projects, setting standards, raising the bar, learning, seeing, hearing, connecting, challenging, questioning, being questioned
Arriver á un compromis pour résoudre les conflits, the middle ground concept.
Dans le conflit Israel/Palestine, aucun parti, sauf les Palestiniens, ne voulait un compromis. Les états “Arabes” n’ont fait que du léche-cul ou refusé d’aider les compromis des Palestiniens
During paganism, people enjoyed freedom of expression. If one traditional God failed them, they cursed him/her and selected another God with better luck generator. We can no longer curse God, or even change our God without dire consequences.
Period of growing reason is dubbed dark.
Adult predominantly use eyes and ears for design, and infringe on children most valued senses: taste, smell and touch.
Same as USA preach Democracy when waging pre-emptive wars, terror States financing and supporting terrorist factions are waging war on terrors.
All living entities in nature are the roots of the living on earth. Save these roots and let your soul reach the sky
Status de privilégié: Passport des sans-patrie. A UN passport is a right to any adult refusing to have a nation attached to him
Mosul is to fall in a couple of hours. Only Al Mayadeen channel is covering this historical event.
Euronews seems unwilling to consider the fall of Mosul of much importance. Neither all the other channels.
Jound means soldiers. You have all kinds of soldier movements or factions. Jound al Cham, Jound Allah, Jound al Sa7aba,…
For every one of these Jound movements (groups of soldiers and mercenaries) there are higher higherchical Jounds that exploit the recruits of the lower movements.
The lower Jound movements (soldiers, mercenaries) are lead by Sheikhs. The higher Jound classes are lead by Intelligence Services
I have yet to observe a young girl driving, and Not talking on her smartphone. Dangerous, when I suddenly extend my hand to hitch hike. Yeh right, none ever stopped.
Nous avons besoin d’excellents professeurs pour former d’ excellent maître enseignants
Le desert est une terre de passage, de campement éphémere, ou les villages semblent á peine posés.
Le lent contact du desert et ceux qui l’habitent reprend vite dans son sein, les ambitions ou l’insignifiance des hommes
Je m’étais mis á raconter (écrire) toutes les hontes que j’ai ramassées. Je me sentis plus sereine: la honte m’avait quittée pour passer dans mon cahier (diaries)
Je rentrais avec mon diplome. Tout le monde faisait un devoir de ne pas me déranger quand je lisais.
Ils se demandaient: Qu’est-ce qu’elle a l’intention de faire maintenant?
Historic moment: 3: 28 pm, July 8, 2017. Daesh (ISIS) blow themselves in Mosul, live on Al Mayadeen, with their explosive belts.
Probable operation of this mass suicide of Daesh in Mosul: Members are gathered in groups, and selected people are assigned the task of pressing on a remote detonator in each group.
The Sunni majority regions in Lebanon are becoming uneasy with Syrian refugees in their midst. Delaying the election was meant to retake all Jroud 3ersal and return most of the refugees in order to allow Hariri Al Moustakbal movement better chances in the election

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