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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 76

C’est ce “presque” qui fait peur. On n’acquiet jamais assez de confience pour s’acheminer avec désinvolture.

C’est malin ceux qui savent d’avance comment serviront leurs efforts investis á étudier

Je n’ai jamais essayé d’avoir une idée détaillée de la cartographie du prestige

C’est vaillant de ta part d’essayer de t’intégrer dans une société nouvelle. Comment tu géres ta condition de fou hilare et de l’accepter?

Becoming a specialist in the numeric propaganda with the Islamic State must have been a close initiation and cooperation with foreign secret services to foment the atrocious upheavals in the Middle East.

You feel that most of our fumbling in life is the Fear of missing the shortest road to happiness.

Perception of what is considered Passion or passionate is the main difference between gender and how girlfriends start to despise the other

Soldier mindset?” Some information, some ideas, feel like our allies. We want them to win. We want to defend them. And other information or ideas are the enemy, and we want to shoot them down.

Un pays provincial ou’ personne ne se retrousse les manches pour reorganiser epour que quelque chose marche. Si les  mouvements civil des citadins de Beirut ne s’ etendent pas ailleurs, wa taghyeer ra7 nshouf

L’ Amerique Blanche est un syndicat, deploye’ pour proteger son pouvoir exclusif de domination et de control sur les corps Noirs et Latine. Sinon, les Blancs cesseraient d’ exister.

La haine, tu ne peux pas lui faire baisser les yeux

Tu ne peux pas enchainer la peur qui harcele les gardiens

“You are becoming civilized in Lebanon” said the British lady as she heard of an assassination robbery in 1960. They were very rare at the period.

England had banned slavery before the American Independence war. The colonies didn’t want to have anything with that law. The Black slaves flocked to join the British army. France engagement changed the course of history

Sache que l’ esprit et l’ ame sont le corps et le cerveau, qui sont destructible, donc precieuse.

Le corps des Noirs en Amerique avant la guerre de secession valait $4 milliars, bien plus que toutes l’ industry Americaines et les chemin de fer.

The secession war was primarily meant to rob the southern states from cheap slave workforce once they start industrialization, a huge impediment to competition with northern states.

When you read the American Declaration of Independence, keep in mind they meant the White Men rights only.

L’ esclavage represente l’ interet materiel le plus important du monde (Declaration de l’ etat du Mississippi en quittant l’ Union)

The emancipation law of the Blacks at the end of the civil war was meant to give an illusory moral excuse to the purely materialistic purposes of the thousands killed and maimed. It was Not meant to give the Blacks equal rights as the whites

Le courage se forge d’ une habitude repetee’, comme detourner les yeux devant l’ horreur des systemes carcerals racists et odieuses

Le racism est une politique obsede par l’ idee d’absolution individuel.

On lutte, pas pour une victoire acquise, mais pour garantir une vie honorable et saine dans la justice pour tous.

Pour les minoritaires, l’ erreur coute toujours bien plus cher.


Confederados: The 20,000 Confederates who emigrated to Brazil after losing the Civil War

 Nikola Budanovic

In 1865, the Civil War ended with a Confederate loss and the Union abolishing slavery. The bloody conflict caused more than 600,000 military casualties and nearly depleted the Southern economy.

The North disbanded the Confederate army and began a period known as the Reconstruction. It wasn’t exactly welcomed in the South, and some decided to leave the United States for somewhere else.

“Somewhere else” turned out to be the Empire of Brazil, spanning a vast space taken up by today’s Brazil and Uruguay.

The Emperor at the time, Dom Pedro II, was interested in developing his own cotton and sugar-cane industry.

For this, he needed skilled farmers, and the Southern émigrés seemed fit for the job. Most of them were from Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina and came from large households that relied heavily on agriculture.

Descendants of Americans during the Confederate Festival in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste , São Paulo . Author Felipeattilio
CC BY-SA 3.0

The Emperor offered them financial help with travel expenses, subsidized the price of land, and let them build plantations tax-free.

Some 20,000 people moved to Brazil between 1865 and 1885, where slavery was still legal. (The numbers vary, with some sources claiming that a more realistic figure is around 10,000 settlers.)

The Confederate settlers inhabited various places. Some saw the appeal in developing the urban areas of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo, while others decided to try their luck in the vast and scarcely inhabited northern and southern Amazon region, like Santarem and Parana.

Confederate immigrants Joseph Whitaker and Isabel Norris. Source
Confederate immigrants Joseph Whitaker and Isabel Norris.

The colonies remained a cloistered community for years to come. The Confederate refugees married among themselves and spoke only English. They also invested in separate schools, churches, and cemeteries, importing priests and teachers from the United States.

The colonists founded the first Baptist Church in Brazil, together with the Campo Cemetery in which members of the Protestant religion were buried, according to their tradition.

Alison Jones, who was a third-generation descendant of the original settlers, described her experience growing up in such an environment to the Seattle Times in a 1995 interview:

I remember when I was 4 years old, I was lost in a textile factory and I couldn’t tell the people anything because I only spoke English. I didn’t learn Portuguese until I started school.”

House of the first Confederate family in Americana. Source
House of the first Confederate family in Americana.

Some historians interpret this migration as motivated by the fact that Brazil hadn’t abolished slavery until 1888, and that former slave owners of the South wanted to continue their exploitative way of living somewhere else.

But Alcides Gussi, an independent researcher of the State University of Campinas, Sao Paolo, begs to differ. Even though slavery was legal, Gussi claims that only four families actually owned slave labor, with a total number of 66 slaves, in the period between 1868 to 1875.

Whether it was because of the dire financial situation among most of the settlers, or because the former Confederate slave owners realized their mistakes, remains unclear. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

Confederate Festival in Santa Bárbara do Oeste , São Paulo , Brazil . Author Felipeattilio – CC BY-SA 3.0

Some cases were recorded in which the freed slaves decided to accompany their former masters.

Most notable was the story of Steve Watson. Watson went to Brazil, together with Judge Dyer of Texas, his former owner, who assigned him to be an administrator of a sawmill. At one point, Dyer decided to return to the U.S., due to a combination of homesickness and financial failure. He left all his property in Brazil to Watson.

Judith McKnight Jones, a great-granddaughter of one of the original American settlers, tried to explain the reasons for her family’s departure from Texas during the migration to the Seattle Times:

“They came here because they felt that their ‘country’ had been invaded and their land confiscated. To them, there was nothing left there. So, they came here to try to re-create what they had before the war.

I grew up listening to the stories. They were angry and bitter. When they talked about it, moving here, the war, leaving their homes, it was always a very sore subject for them.”

Nevertheless, the American settlers managed to form communities and preserve their cultural heritage within their new country. Two new towns emerged from their small, disclosed communities―Santa Bárbara d’Oeste and Americana.

Both of these settlements are located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo and are part of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas. These towns are now the home of a number of descendants of the American colonists, who remain connected through Brazil’s Fraternity of the American Descendants.

The Confederados, as they are called by the Brazilians, today host the annual Festa Confederada―a ceremony dedicated to preserving the memory of their ancestors.

The festival features Confederate flags and uniforms, dances, and music from the period, together with American Southern cuisine spiced up with Brazilian flavors.

The State of Paraná was the southern state receiving American immigrants . Source
The State of Paraná was the southern state receiving American immigrants. Author:SamirNosteb -CC BY-SA 3.0

The event’s main purpose is fundraising for the Campo Cemetery, as the burial ground remains perhaps the most powerful symbol of their community.

Even though the descendants have almost completely assimilated into Brazilian society, they hold affection for the short-lived Confederate States of America, which they consider their original homeland.

Note: Where ever racist people immigrate, apartheid spread and prosper

Al Raqqa in northern Syria: another Hiroshima. What the US does best

Nothing is left in this city by the US bombing. No videos or photos of what happened in this ghost city. Where did the people go? Why this modern barbarism? Anyone accounting for how the US military is behaving in these regions?

وقفة | الرقة أم هيروشيما جديدة؟

خليل صويلح

صور الدمار الهمجي لمدينة الرقة، لم تثر أحداً. كأنّ ما حدث مجرّد ألعاب فوتوشوب. لو كان ما شاهدناه حصل في فيلم بعنوان «مدينة الأشباح» مثلاً، لاستحق سجالاً أعمق.

بقايا شوارع مهجورة، حيوانات ضالة، جسور محطّمة، وحكايات لن يرويها أحد. لا نعلم أين تبخّر أصحاب الرايات السود، وكيف دارت المعارك،

وكم طناً من القنابل والصواريخ صنعت «هيروشيما» أخرى؟

هذا الصمت المريب حيال هذه المدينة الفراتية العريقة يدعو للأسى حقاً. لم تتسابق عدسات الكاميرات إلى هناك، لم نرَ قوافل الهاربين من الجحيم إلى عراء الصحراء. لا توثيق للجريمة، لا شهود على الهمجية، لا وقت للعقاب.

ضباع تتناهش الفريسة بصمت. كأن نهر الفرات بلا ذاكرة، لا أنين لقصب الشواطئ، ووجع العتابا. هنود حمر وحسب. هكذا تسلّل المصور الفوتوغرافي عبود حمام إلى خرائب المدينة لتوثيق هذا الجحيم الدنيوي بمشهديات مفزعة، محاولاً تظهير صورة مدينة، كانت يوماً ما، بشوارع، وبيوت، وأسوار قديمة، تحميها من الغزاة.

ولكن ماذا نفعل بالصور، وكيف نوثّق حشرجات الموتى، والعيون المطفأة لمن تبقّى على قيد العيش؟

Be precise when talking formal Arabic: Serious distinctions October 28, 2017

من طرائف اللغه العربية :

1 – لا تُسمّى الحديقة حديقةً إلا إن كان لها سور. فإن لم يكن لها سور فهي بستان.

2 – لا تُسمَّى المائدة مائدةً إلا إن كان عليها طعام . فإن لم يكن عليها طعام فهي خِوان .

3 – لا تُسمّى الكأس كأساً إلا إن كان فيها شراب . فإن لم يكن فيها شراب فهي قدح .

4 – القَُِطر بفتح القاف المطر . وبكسرها النحاس . وبضمها البلد أو الدائرة .

5 – تقول هو عاطل عن العمل . وهذا خطأ فالعاطل هي المرأة التي لا حُلِيَّ لها . و الصواب أن تقول هو رجل باهل!

6 – و تقول فلان عُرضة للأمراض. بمعنى أنه يصاب بها كثيراً . وهذا عكس المعنى الصحيح تماماً. فالذي هو عُرضة للأمراض هو من لايُصاب بها أبدا.

7- الوجيف و الرجيف : كلاهما بمعنى زيادة ضربات القلب إلا أن الوجيف بسبب الفرحة أما الرجيف بسبب الخوف

🍀 معلومـــات رائعــــــة🍀

ما الفرق بين السِّبط والحَفيد؟
السبط: هو ابن البنت، لذلك الحسن والحسين رضي الله عنهما سبطا رسول الله
أما الحفيد: فهو ابن الإبن.

{ إنَّ اللهَ لا يُحِبُّ مَنْ كَانَ مُخْتَالاً فَخُوراً }
ما الفرق بين المُخْتَال والفَخُور؟!
المختال : في هيئته
الفخور : في قوله

ما الفرق بين الغُدوة و الروحة و الدلجة؟!
الغدوة: أول النهار
الروحة: آخر النهار
الدّلجة: آخر الليل

ما الفرق بين المغفرة و الرحمة إذا اقترنتا ببعضهما؟

المغفرة : لما مضى من الذنوب
الرحمة : السلامة من الذنوب في المستقبل

ما الفرق بين جَنازة بالفتح و جِنازة بالكسر؟

جَنازة: بالفتح اسم للميّت
جِنازة: بالكسر اسم للنعش الذي يُحمل عليه الميت

قال تعالى: {أحل لكم صيدُ البحر وطعامه}
فما المقصود بالصيد والطعام
قال ابن عباس :

صيده: ما أُخِذَ حياً، وطعامه: ما أُخِذَ مَيْتَاً

قال تعالى{ومَا يُكَذِّبُ بِهِ إلا كُلُّ مُعْتَدٍ أثِيم}
فما الفرق بين المعتدي والأثيم؟!
المعتدي : في أفعاله
الأثيم : في أقواله وفي كسبه

قال تعالى: {ويلٌ لِكُلِّ هُمَزَةٍ لمُزَةٍ}
فما هو الهمز واللمز؟
الهمز : بالفعل، كأن يعبس بوجهه
اللمز : باللسان .

ما الفرق بين “الصَّنم” و “الوثن”؟
الصنم : ما جُعل على صورة إنسان يُعبد من دون الله
الوثن : ما عُبِدَ من دون الله على أي وجه كان

فالوثن أعمّ من الصنم.

ما الفرق بين أعوذ و ألوذ؟!
العياذ: للفرار من الشر
اللياذ: لطلب الخير .
طابت اوقاتكم بذكر الرحمن🌹




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