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Males voting on laws on behalf of females?

Males Legifering in female name (voting on law)?

She: I don’t know when you’re joking and when serious.

He: As if I know. I’m counting on you.

She: come again, how?

He: When you laugh, it’s probably a joke. When you frown, you ferreted out a serious issue.

She: And you’ll be ready to discuss the issues?

He: No. Maybe your issues. Though it would be useful to know how you discovered and interpreted my supposed issues.

She: So you discuss My lame issues and Not yours.

He: correct. I figured out if we start with mine, you’ll quickly add so many on the list that the backlog will be too traumatic to work on any of them issues.

She: Will make a short priority list.

He: I beg to disagree. I find it more productive to select the easier and more feasible ones.

She: And why you jumped to the conclusion that my priority list is of the heavy guns?

He: We start with the simple ones and surreptitiously you gradually move the hardest to the forefront. I like to leave the hard issues to my next life. Or when age give me an excellent excuse to retire from life difficulties.

She: You certainly love your comfort and won’t take any risks to confront this nasty living of yours.

He: My comfort is to leave me with enough energy to tackles your issues.

She: You jumped to the conclusion that mine are harder than yours.

He: Just untangling your white lies from the darker ones is a full-time job. I’m Not trained for such investigative job of sorting out your ambiguous talks.

She: Not trained? And what you guys have always been doing? Legifering in our name?

The most amazing Woman: Polish midwife risked her life & delivered 3,000 babies in Auschwitz

 Goran Blazeski

Stanislawa Leszczynska was born on May 8th, 1896, in the Bałuty neighborhood of Lodz, Poland.

She was the oldest of three children of Jan Zambrzycki and his wife Henryka. She completed high school in 1914 and 2 years later she married printer Bronisław Leszczynski.

In 1920, Stanislawa and Bronislaw with their two children Bronisław and Sylwia, moved to Warsaw where she enrolled in the midwife college and completed her studies.

In 1922, they moved back to Lodz where she got a job as a midwife.

There , she gave birth to her second son Stanisław and in 1923 her third son, Henryk was born.

Stanisława Leszczynska
Stanisława Leszczynska

Stanislawa loved her job and was on call day and night, assisting women who delivered their newborns at home, since this had been a usual practice in the past.

She worked in the poorest districts of Lodz and often walked miles to each delivery.

When World War II began, Stanislawa and her husband involved in the Polish resistance movement but eventually, the entire family was caught by the Gestapo in 1943.

Her husband was killed in the Warsaw uprising of 1944, her sons were sent to labor camps in Germany while she and her daughter to Auschwitz, where she spent two years in a non-Jewish sector of the camp.

Stanislawa proclaimed herself as midwife to the camp’s authorities and was relegated to women’s camp maternity ward.

All the newborns of the prisoners in the camp were killed before she arrived in April, 1943.

During her time in Auschwitz, Stanislawa delivered over 3,000 babies.

Half of them were murdered and another thousand died due to the horrific conditions in the camp.

But after 1943, about 500 babies with blonde hair and blue eyes were sent to be raised as Germans, while 30 more survived the camp.

Somehow, she managed to tattoo the children who were about to be adopted by German families hoping that one day they will be reunited with their mothers.

All the 3,000 babies delivered by Stanislawa were born alive, not one single baby was lost during birth. She was called “Mother” by the prisoners.

Hungarian Jewish children and an elderly woman on the way to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Photo Credit
Hungarian Jewish children and an elderly woman on the way to the gas chambers of AuschwitzPhoto Credit

When World War II was over, Stanislawa returned to her job in Lodz.

All of her children survived the forced labor camps. Stanislawa rarely spoke publicly about her time spent in Auschwitz and never had considered her deeds as heroic or unusual.

She attended an official celebration in 1970 where she met a small group of the surviving babies who had been born in the camp.

Her story is one of the most miraculous accounts from the Holocaust’s history and Stanislawa Leszczynska is being considered for canonization. God bless that woman.

Another story from us about an amazing woman: Helen learned five different languages & she was the first deaf-blind person to receive BA degree



The Other Side of Black Friday Price Tags

Throughout the Global South, underpaid workers face wage theft and injury to meet Western consumers’ demands.

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 92

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Le tier de nos males ont la siphilis. Et le pourcentage des femelles qui ont une maladie sexuelle?
S’il m’aime, il doit etre capable de reperer les salopes qui me veulent du mal. Leurs regards de le mater, zyeuter et le posseder de loin. Et il me rend folle: il ne se rend pas compte que ca me fait du mal. (les femmes sont plus brutales que les hommes jaloux)
“Ce titre d’un livre sonne famillie’ ‘”. A eviter les redundants “comme quelque chose” qui n’est pas clair, ou “a mes oreilles” qui est ridicule.
This shitty “Charisma” that Lebanon militia leaders bestow on one another to retain the larger portion of the pie. Wake up sleepy brutes and desist disseminating this highway robber qualifier
For over a century during the renaissance, (1450-1550) the females Black Regents, mother, sisters, wives, concubines of European monarchs effectively ran the political schemes and alliances
Strong impression: the devilish Orientals (China/Iran) concocted the coming to power of Trump to alienate USA from International Tables and Circles. 
Les grandes passions, cerebrales et sensuelles, sont affaires de gens dument repus et desalteres
Le ridicule amour-propre que les gens civilizes melent aux choses de la passion
“It isn’t what we know that gets in our way. It is what we believe” Physicist  Harold Puthoff 
Practice makes perfect. Virgin women cannot seem to take that advice at heart

La difference entre L’Enfant desiré et L’Enfant collateral (bil ghalat): La dette d’amour sans fond: substituer le temps consacre a l’enfant par acheter ses desir d’objets de consummation, les plus neufs, les plus cheres.

Bashar of Syria liberated the extremist salafists in May and June 2011, pour faire la place aux demonstrateurs pacifists: Le systeme pensait abattre 2 oiseaux en un seul tir: il mettait plus de poids aux coloniaux que ses voisins: Turkie, Qatar et Saudi Kingdom.

Le camion doit puer l’abattoir: le cheval tombe’ resistai a y monter.

Rania avait vite eu de quoi s’ inquieter: Le pretendant etait un vertueux, pas d’alcool, pas d’avanture, un precheur venue de la campagne, intransigeant et “honnete”. La marieuse dit: “Tous les chameaux ont une bosse: j’en trouverais une”

The exigencies of living lead us to stick to most of our biases and fallacies. We tend to procrastinate acting on our well-intentioned decisions that could correct our ill-conceived methodology to run our life.

As of October 13, 2015. Terror tactics. Live bullets against stones in occupied Palestine. Is it true that more than 1,400 Palestinians have been injured last week by Israeli forces? One girl was shot dead and the Israeli planted a knife by her side to claim that she intended to stab an Israeli.

Quand le patron sait que life expectancy de ses employes  est tres reduite et vivront en souffrance, et qu’il s’habitue a l’indifference, toutes les cruautes lui seront egales

Lire Germinale de Zola etait deja tres fort. Le voir en film serait du masochism epanoui. Je prefere me coucher.

Traduire les actions par des mots? Plutot par des videos. Les mots simples et locaux sont faites pour commenter les videos.

Au debut, nous voulons nous debarrasser des moukhabarat (services secrets), une revolution de masse comme en Egypt et Tunisie

“Me Too”? To have an opportunity to get a foot in Hollywood by going along the bad entrance practices of the elite club?

Kurdish leader, Masoud Barazani est un fruit pourri qui tombe. Il a fait tout ce que USA/Israel lui on ordonner. Son role est termine’, lui et les extremists de sa tribue.

April 17, 2011 in the Palestinian camp in Lattaquie’: 200 dead from live bullets for chanting “Army and people, hand in hand”

How would you list the hardest hit States/Nations by climate calamities (Storms, earthquakes, flooding, fires) according to their economic/financial potentials to recover from devastation? 

Just a reminder: over 300 killed in Mogadishu suicide car bombing. At least 3 fold that number were injured, most of them handicapped for life. Can western media cover these calamities with more than 10 seconds?

La lucidite’ amer vaut plus qu’une mediocrite’ dans les illusions: Si on croyait que l’existence est absurde, notre reussite aurait plus de valeur.

La “zabiba” (resin seche’), un durillon sur le front des devots, de frequente prosternations. Ces grand-peres qui marrient les filles de 14 ans.

L’ exil ne suscite plus un tel sentiment intense de perte d’identite’ apres l’emergence d’ Internet. Je fis l’experience.

Medical prof. Philip Salem said: Many of our “leaders” brag of their foreign allegiance. In other States, they are dispatched to prison. Sure, tiny Lebanon was Never in a strong position, but cut out this imbecile bragging.



Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 91

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

The simple generosity for pleasing others (seduce them) is the characteristic of genuine and confident people.

culture of refinement is the process of knowing and learning how to seduce, of constant discovering and an attitude of good behavior.

To seduce is to kill reality and to metamorphose it into lure“.

Tous ces Senegalais que la France a abuse’ dans ses colonies comme des Kleenex. Je me demande combien d’entre eux ete’ des Musulmans

Before 12,000 BC, most lands were covered with water: Egypt, the Sahara… Each high plateau had a kind of human species. The amalgam started when water receded to uncover more dried lands and shorter sea passages

Most of them “insensitive handicapped” have great sense of humor, you need Not lament for them

You won’t get a broad genuine smile, if you fail to send the vibe of steadfastness

La famine est le lit des epidemies, et les brigants saignent les provinces, et tu m’entretiens de theologie?

Un usufruit: Jouir de ses possessions durant sa vie avant de retourner a la Courone.

Les vrais trésors aujourd’hui, et à cette époque de ma vie: la patience et l’humeur bonne. Conserver le sens de l’humour qui manque terriblement tout autour de moi

Les micro-événements, des choses minuscules qui fracturent la vie, qui la rouvrent, qui l’aident à respirer à nouveau.

Quand une sorte de gaieté vous vient d’un evenement miniscule. C’est sans valeur marchande, la gaieté, sans raison, sans explication ! Tout d’un coup, la vie passe à votre fenêtre avec une couronne de lumière un peu de travers sur la tête.

La gaieté : du minuscule et de l’imprévisible.

Un salut militaire donné par un officier au plus faible des humains est trop juste and noble pour etre emuler

Un proverbe Egyptien: “Ne fait jamais peur a quiconque”. C’est la definition de la compassion et la survie

C’est une loi invariable:La diplomacie echoue toujours quand le rapport de force est equilibré.  Consequence: diplomacie c’est comment delivrer un ultimatum

Nous croyons que l’énergie, c’est la vérité.  Admettons donc que la mauvaise énergie survitaminée est une verite’ mauvaise.

L’ intelligence muette de l’enfant nous porte tout au long de notre vie et n’a pas besoin d’explication des sentiments.

On gagne des batailles en desertant les approbations et les applaudissements et se retirer vers le plus profond, de retenir notre capacité d’émerveillement.

On perd des personnes, des soleils mis en terre, et qui continuent a nous rechauffer .

He was an astute General for survival: he sided with short-term victors until he grabbed full decision position. He then shifted to, still unknown, long-term victors. And his patience paid out at long last

This Commander in the army was frequently assigned missions, during the civil war, at critical periods in critical locations. He had to deal with opposing foes (Israel, Syria, Palestinians, militia leaders). He knew he was used as a pawn. And the government knew that he could Not refuse a mission to give a semblance of the presence of the army (ebn al mou2assasseh)

Anti-state propaganda” charges? What that mean? Those in government are No supposed to be exposed and their activities accounted for?

Technical skills, power and influence

When a new technology arrives, it’s often the nerds and the neophiliacs who embrace it.

People who see themselves as busy and important often dismiss the new medium or tool as a bit of a gimmick and then “go back to work.”

It’s only a few years later when the people who understand those tools are the ones calling the shots.

Because “the work” is now centered on that thing that folks hesitated to learn when they had the chance.

And so, it’s the web programmers who hold the keys to the future of the business, or the folks who live in mobile.

Or it’s the design strategists who thrive in Photoshop and UI thinking who determine what gets built or invested in…

There’s never a guarantee that the next technology is going to be the one that moves to the center of the conversation. But it’s certain that a new technology will. It always has.

What the “Islamic Empire” did a thousand-year ago?

I say Islamic Empire because it is Not the “Arabs” who came from the Peninsula who brought civilization and culture to the vast empire: They were the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Egyptians with education and knowledge with different languages and sciences that translated all the previous knowledge into the Arabic language and added immensely to human knowledge.

“A thousand years is a long time; the first book published in French wasn’t until 1476.

Goodness knows what an Islamic caliphate would have been doing 1,000 years ago? They bought rare books in various languages with gold and swapping prisoners.

They built the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, one of the first universities in the world;

they asked scholars of all faiths to translate every text ever written into Arabic;
they demanded the first qualifications for doctors,

founded the first psychiatric hospitals and invented ophthalmology.

They developed algebra (algorithms are named after their Arab father) and a programmable machine … a computer.
They introduced Aristotle to Europe,

Al-Jahiz began theories of natural selection,
they discovered the Andromeda galaxy,

Classified the spinal nerves and
Created hydropower using pumps and gears.

The Wahhabi terrorists of Saudi Kingdom in ISIS and Al Nusra want to destroy the knowledge that Islam is a beautiful, scientific and intelligent culture, and we are way ahead of them.”




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