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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 78

Posted on: November 4, 2017

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 78

Once we had a fair country. Still exists in ancient atlas. We cannot go there now, my dear

Cities are wild-life parks. Water and food keep animals at peace. Human emotions feed on myths

One million, a third of Lebanon population, fled during the 13-year civil war. To be replaced by over 1.5 million Syrian refugees. Still a third.

Lebanon, land of transit, of temporary melting pot since prehistory, before they transfer to greener pastures.

Evils overcome the good in cities. People still flock in. They get used to fear, to overcome their insane pride of making it.

L’ idee fix du journalist l’ empeche d’ entendre. Repeter et trouver des perspectives pour expliquer, rien ne fait

Israel violence refuses to abate: 120 Palestinians injured today for praying. No more restrictions allowed by Israel to pray under any form or shape or excuse or age or gender.

Nobody care to inflame publicly the craziness of the USA: they claim to have captured 50% of Raqqa when they didn’t even reach city limits (That was months ago, and now Raqqa completely destroyed Hiroshima- style)

Elle n’ eprouvait pas une grande sympathie pour la jeunesse: son aura etait de ceux qui n’ ont jamais ete’ jeune

La situation etait trop abstraite pour etre affreuse, trop peu etrangere pour n’ etre qu’ un cauchemar

Memory and autumn leaf murmur for a short while: note it down before winter comes

c’ st domage que les livres (hard copies) ne voyagent plus autant que leurs proprietaires.

Si chacun laisse (oublie) son livre quand il voyage, on pourrait esperer plus de gens qui lient.

Burning prisons of infamies that incarcerated the freedom to express conscious opinions is a normal follow-up activity to every genuine revolution

Tous les dictateurs, meme les plus charismatiques, ne sont que les symboles d’ un system dogmatique/ideologique that permeat society et la majorite silencieuse s’ en fout pas mal

Les quinquagenaires (plus de 50 ans) voient leur monde d’ une maniere positive: ils croient qu’ ils sont en age de le gouverner, sans qu’ ils aient jamais leve’ le petit doight pour l’ ameliorer

Peu de gens vous pretent l’oreille quand ils se cachent derriere un livre

Toutes les histoires commencent par une arrivee’ ou un depart. Le meme pour les nations: les pre-emptives wars et engagements pour le pouvoir

Most worthy activities in life are of the endurance kind. Even those trailing will ultimately reach destination

Al Aqsa resistance cannot be successful until all Israeli restrictions, search and harassment on prayers be lifted, regardless of age, gender or race.

It is a good idea for the Moslems to turn toward Jerusalem (Al Aqsa) for praying to send a strong message to Saudi Kingdom for failing Islam.

The downward cycle of getting dumber for audience continues to be passed from hand to hand for everything to become the National Enquirer. Measuring not the size of the audience, but their engagement and commitment produce the change.

initially, the prophet ordered to turn toward Jerusalem for prayer. Order reversed toward Mecca after the Jews turned against him twice and then firmly established his power in his city-state of Medina


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