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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 80

Posted on: November 8, 2017

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 80

Many willingly sacrifice freedom to blame the other, it lets us off the hook, . It gives us hard boundaries and eliminates potential choices.

Ce n’ est pas reconfortant cette correspondance: Ceux qui s’ adapte vivent plus longtemps.  Ils s’ adaptent aux criteres de ceux qui ne savent pas s’ adapter, les ideologues et dogtrinaires

La majorite silencieuse s’adapte aux crimes, les violences, la peur…: Je ne voit pas un future sain a l’ humanite’

The USA has proven to have committed the worst crimes against humanity since its inception and continues to be top on the list as the worst White racist system of all times.

USA wanted to maintain slave system and took arms against England who had banned it. It massacred every Indian tribe that resisted expansion. It slaughtered the Mexicans to rob their lands.  The bodies of the Blacks are still disposable at any second. The countless pre-emptive wars around the world have caused mind-boggling atrocities and no one ever was tried.

In Nov. 1979, over 200 Wahhabi salafists occupied the grand Mosque in Mecca and proclaimed the arrival of the Mahdi Mohamad bin Abdalallah Kahtan. Total blackout of world media for 15 days. Out of food, water and ammunition and dazed by the CS gaz used by the French special team, they surrendered. The surviving fighters were later executed in 8 cities. And Saudi Kingdom reverted to the Wahhabit restrictions as they started their rule in 1925. The door was wide opened for all these virulent extremists to be transferred to Afghanistan to resist the Soviets.

The unconscious mind acts as a mental valet, taking care of minor details to behave accordingly, so that we can be freed to focus on the main problem at hand…

Brainwashing is a brain priming technique done on successive and frequent occasions, verging on a continuous situation where the mental valet is working full-time and barely able to liberate the mind to focus on more important tasks to reflect on…

La’ ou Freud passe, l’herbe tender de l’innocence ne pousse plus? “La sexualite’ est une broutille”?

Pride and timidity are sibling sisters: just the posture differs, Not the feelings.

I want to whine: I cannot change the fact that I had Not the opportunities to discover my talents in schools and colleges

Consider reading and day dreaming as priming processes for what might really take place. Kind of catalysts.

You can read and learn all you want and even learn how to fall in love. You’ ll never fall in love. Like in day dreaming sessions.

Des gens ne vous portent aucune attention que lorsque vous sortez un livre: c’ est impoli.

Is any one Not sick and tired of the clownish leaders in Egypt, Saudi Kingdom and Bahrain? Totally useless and impotent.

If I were a cyber disruptor genius (average age of 17), I would first target multinational financial institutions and then military infrastructure conglomerates. We could enjoy a reprieve for a while

Insiders focus on the industry instead on the change you seek to make, on the audience you seek to serve. On doing your customers’ business, not the industry’s…

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