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Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light!

Scientists found that neurons in mammalian brains were capable of producing photons of light, or “Biophotons”!

The photons, strangely enough, appear within the visible spectrum. They range from near-infrared through violet, or between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.

Scientists have an exciting suspicion that our brain’s neurons might be able to communicate through light. They suspect that our brain might have optical communication channels, but they have no idea what could be communicated.

Even more exciting, they claim that if there is an optical communication happening, the Biophotons our brains produce might be affected by quantum entanglement, meaning there can be a strong link between these photons, our consciousness and possibly what many cultures and religions refer to as Spirit.

In a couple of experiments scientist discovered that rat brains can pass just one biophoton per neuron a minute, but human brains could convey more than a billion biophotons per second.

This raises the question, could it be possible that the more light one can produce and communicate between neurons, the more conscious they are?

If there is any correlation between biophotons, light, and consciousness it can have strong implications that there is more to light than we are aware of.

Just think for a moment.

Many texts and religions dating way back, since the dawn of human civilization have reported of saints, ascended beings and enlightened individuals having shining circles around their heads.

From Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, to teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, among many other religions, sacred individuals were depicted with a shining circle in the form of a circular glow around their heads. (Aura?)

If they were as enlightened as they are described maybe this shining circle was just a result of the higher consciousness they operated with, hence a higher frequency and production of biophotons.

Maybe these individuals produced higher level of biophotons with stronger instensity because of their enlightenment, if there is any correlation between biophotons and consciousness.

Even the word enLIGHTenment suggests that this higher consciousness has something to do with light.

But one of the most exciting implications the discovery that our brains can produce light waves, is that maybe our consciousness and spirit are not contained within our bodies. This implication is completely overlooked by scientists.

Quantum entanglement says that 2 entangled photons react if one of the photons is affected no matter where the other photon is in The Universe without any delay.

Maybe there is a world that exists within light, and no matter where you are in The Universe photons can act as portals that enable communication between these 2 worlds.

Maybe our spirit and consciousness communicate with our bodies through these biophotons. And the more light we produce the more we awaken and embody the wholeness of our consciousness. (Or get more confused and disturbed?)

This can explain the phenomenon of why the state of a photon is affected simply by consciously observing it, as it is proven in many quantum experiments.

Maybe our observation communicates something through our biophotons with the photon that is being observed, in a similar fashion as quantum entanglement, like light is just one unified substance that is scattered throughout our Universe and affected through each light particle.

Of course, nothing of this is even close to being a theory. But asking questions and shooting such metaphysical hypothesis might lead us closer to the truth and understanding of what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what are the mysteries that hide within light.


A plea for bees? Bees are dying in droves.

Bees are dying in droves. Why? Leading apiarist Dennis van Engelsdorp looks at the gentle, misunderstood creature’s important place in nature and the mystery behind its alarming disappearance.

Bee expert is Acting State Apiarist for Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture, studying colony collapse disorder — the alarming, worldwide disappearance of worker bees and Western honey bees.

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 90

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Les Best-Sellers sont nommes pour des personnages deprimes qui se recontent des blagues

Une deviation de la jalousie: Ce mec m’ echauffe les oreilles avec ses lettre a toi. Tiens, il merite un duel.

Une folle. Encore une qui ne sait pas lire, mais qui a des opinions

Je ne te dit pas que je ne doute pas, je m’accroche. Moi, je ne m’accroche pas

Those Lebanese born on August 28 got their best gift in 2017: The Second Liberation Day of all the borders from extremist factions

Elle me rend fou. Non, je suis fou d’elle. Excusez mon Francais.

Je vais te mordre: Je suis tres jalouse. Si c’ est une affair de mordre, va pour cette sorte de jalousie

Quand les entreprises familiales sont nationalisees ou deviennent des societes anonymes, est-ce que les marriages entre familles marchandes cesseront?

Ce que les gens croient une vie peut se resumer a un espace d’un apartement, quand on retranche l’ egoisme indelebile

Beaucoup de litteraires se trouvent a la tangente du monde, jamais hors du monde.

Ce n’ est pas moi qui choisis les turbulances de ce monde. Nous y sommes. Mefie-toi, si tu les ignore, elles vont t’ emporter. Inevitable.

Cette sagesse trop prudente, prude, molle, coincee: ca ne me va plus. Je considere la betise comme une insulte.

Tous les contes sont feeriques, donc erotiques, cauchemars ou resurrections, toujours projets et liens.

Si on refuse les contes feeriques et qu’ on n’ en raconte plus, c’ est qu’ on rejette ce piege de la vie et on s’achemine vite vers le desir du suicide

L’ absence de foi consiste a croire que l’ on ne peut etre heureux au milieu de tant d’ accidents. La difference entre “on ne peut” et “on ne doit pas” discrimine les stoiques des moralistes qui implicitement croient en une religion

What counts is Not how we define our belief system. It is how we behave that demonstrate how we were trained and educated on a set of morals based on a religious doctrine.

La rage d’ aneantir surgit quand le desir s’ eteint et que l’ intelligence des choses cesse avant la vie

La maxime est le language de la passion, qui n’oublie rien mais n’ a pas le temps a perdre: le temps des gens amoureux, entre l’ eternite’ et le point de l’ instant,

J’ ai enfin appris a garder le devouement a une distance respectueuse: Je ne peux plus me hair pour survivre aux infamies

Le devouement cache l’ egoisme qui est la haine de soi: la plupart des gens exige que tu te hais toi-meme

To die for an abstract concept is far easier than to stick to facts and evidence and change our world view

La pensee’ est plus qu’ une action: C’ est la vie meme, qui inclue la fin, la mort

“Considerez ma mort pour mieux relire mes textes”. Les gens pensants livrent leur mort a l’ interpretation: leurs explorations du sens des mota, des symptomes, des reves, des textes, des infamies, des nuits sans fin.

Il faut prevoir une place pour l’ absurde, mais pas dans la mort: on lutte pour donner un sens a notre finalite’ 

La jalousie existe sous ses variations entre la mere at la fille, et entre le pere et le garson

Le gouffre du malaise et du non comprehension existe, sous des variations, entre la mere et le garson, et entre le pere et la fille.




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