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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 91

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

The simple generosity for pleasing others (seduce them) is the characteristic of genuine and confident people.

culture of refinement is the process of knowing and learning how to seduce, of constant discovering and an attitude of good behavior.

To seduce is to kill reality and to metamorphose it into lure“.

Tous ces Senegalais que la France a abuse’ dans ses colonies comme des Kleenex. Je me demande combien d’entre eux ete’ des Musulmans

Before 12,000 BC, most lands were covered with water: Egypt, the Sahara… Each high plateau had a kind of human species. The amalgam started when water receded to uncover more dried lands and shorter sea passages

Most of them “insensitive handicapped” have great sense of humor, you need Not lament for them

You won’t get a broad genuine smile, if you fail to send the vibe of steadfastness

La famine est le lit des epidemies, et les brigants saignent les provinces, et tu m’entretiens de theologie?

Un usufruit: Jouir de ses possessions durant sa vie avant de retourner a la Courone.

Les vrais trésors aujourd’hui, et à cette époque de ma vie: la patience et l’humeur bonne. Conserver le sens de l’humour qui manque terriblement tout autour de moi

Les micro-événements, des choses minuscules qui fracturent la vie, qui la rouvrent, qui l’aident à respirer à nouveau.

Quand une sorte de gaieté vous vient d’un evenement miniscule. C’est sans valeur marchande, la gaieté, sans raison, sans explication ! Tout d’un coup, la vie passe à votre fenêtre avec une couronne de lumière un peu de travers sur la tête.

La gaieté : du minuscule et de l’imprévisible.

Un salut militaire donné par un officier au plus faible des humains est trop juste and noble pour etre emuler

Un proverbe Egyptien: “Ne fait jamais peur a quiconque”. C’est la definition de la compassion et la survie

C’est une loi invariable:La diplomacie echoue toujours quand le rapport de force est equilibré.  Consequence: diplomacie c’est comment delivrer un ultimatum

Nous croyons que l’énergie, c’est la vérité.  Admettons donc que la mauvaise énergie survitaminée est une verite’ mauvaise.

L’ intelligence muette de l’enfant nous porte tout au long de notre vie et n’a pas besoin d’explication des sentiments.

On gagne des batailles en desertant les approbations et les applaudissements et se retirer vers le plus profond, de retenir notre capacité d’émerveillement.

On perd des personnes, des soleils mis en terre, et qui continuent a nous rechauffer .

He was an astute General for survival: he sided with short-term victors until he grabbed full decision position. He then shifted to, still unknown, long-term victors. And his patience paid out at long last

This Commander in the army was frequently assigned missions, during the civil war, at critical periods in critical locations. He had to deal with opposing foes (Israel, Syria, Palestinians, militia leaders). He knew he was used as a pawn. And the government knew that he could Not refuse a mission to give a semblance of the presence of the army (ebn al mou2assasseh)

Anti-state propaganda” charges? What that mean? Those in government are No supposed to be exposed and their activities accounted for?

Technical skills, power and influence

When a new technology arrives, it’s often the nerds and the neophiliacs who embrace it.

People who see themselves as busy and important often dismiss the new medium or tool as a bit of a gimmick and then “go back to work.”

It’s only a few years later when the people who understand those tools are the ones calling the shots.

Because “the work” is now centered on that thing that folks hesitated to learn when they had the chance.

And so, it’s the web programmers who hold the keys to the future of the business, or the folks who live in mobile.

Or it’s the design strategists who thrive in Photoshop and UI thinking who determine what gets built or invested in…

There’s never a guarantee that the next technology is going to be the one that moves to the center of the conversation. But it’s certain that a new technology will. It always has.

What the “Islamic Empire” did a thousand-year ago?

I say Islamic Empire because it is Not the “Arabs” who came from the Peninsula who brought civilization and culture to the vast empire: They were the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Egyptians with education and knowledge with different languages and sciences that translated all the previous knowledge into the Arabic language and added immensely to human knowledge.

“A thousand years is a long time; the first book published in French wasn’t until 1476.

Goodness knows what an Islamic caliphate would have been doing 1,000 years ago? They bought rare books in various languages with gold and swapping prisoners.

They built the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, one of the first universities in the world;

they asked scholars of all faiths to translate every text ever written into Arabic;
they demanded the first qualifications for doctors,

founded the first psychiatric hospitals and invented ophthalmology.

They developed algebra (algorithms are named after their Arab father) and a programmable machine … a computer.
They introduced Aristotle to Europe,

Al-Jahiz began theories of natural selection,
they discovered the Andromeda galaxy,

Classified the spinal nerves and
Created hydropower using pumps and gears.

The Wahhabi terrorists of Saudi Kingdom in ISIS and Al Nusra want to destroy the knowledge that Islam is a beautiful, scientific and intelligent culture, and we are way ahead of them.”




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