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Meet Bossy,

A Cute Desktop Assistant That Wants You To Be A Better Worker

The device is concept designed to show a future where our electronics can help us organize our work lives beyond just installing more and more productivity apps.

It might seem like working long hours would make you better at your job, but the opposite is actually true: It can make you less productive and lower the quality of your work.

(Even worse, it also makes you more likely to die early).

A new product concept from U.K. that design student Lucas Neumann aims to help by telling you exactly what to do so you can finish work early–like a friendly version of a robot boss.

Neumann designed the product for freelance workers with flexible hours, who might be more likely to procrastinate and get distracted by an avalanche of information online.

But it probably could be helpful for anyone who’s stuck in front of a computer all day and has trouble concentrating.

The tool, called Bossy, is a physical device that sits on a desktop, rather than yet another app. “When I was doing research, I started installing all of these organization apps in my phone and on my Mac,” says Neumann. “But I realized that after time we stop engaging with particular apps because we’re dealing with too much stuff.”

Bossy is a constant reminder of whatever’s next on your to-do list, so you never have to open an app or check in.

“I realized that if you have something that sits there with you all the time, off your phone and computer–while at the same time connected with everything–it might be easier to create a relationship with it and a long-lasting kind of engagement,” Neumann explains.

The simple white device connects to your calendars, to-do lists, apps, and wearable tech, and then displays your top three priorities.

Once you finish something, you push a button–made squishy so it’s more satisfying–and the device records your progress on a separate desktop and mobile app, offering badges and other rewards as you improve.

Over time, Bossy learns how you work in order to be more helpful.

It can also remind you to stand up, stretch, drink water, or take breaks, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed by various feeds online, a swipe of a button on the device will shut down the noise.

Neumann created the design for an RSA student challenge that asked for solutions for the way we’ll work in the future. “It’s looking 15 or 20 years ahead,” he says. Still, the technology and predictive analysis used in the design are already available, so in theory, the product could be built now.

For the moment, Neumann wants to tweak some details of the hardware–a special white screen that he wants to use, for example, isn’t available yet on the market.

But as he researches the concept with freelancers at coworking spaces and elsewhere, he’s already getting requests to make it right away.

ADELE PETERS is a writer who focuses on sustainability and design and lives in Oakland, California. She’s worked with GOOD, BioLite, and the Sustainable Products and Solutions program at UC Berkeley. Continued

When he is not teaching samba classes and helping kids in rural Brazil with their homework, Lucas Neumann de Antonio designs. And when he does, it ends up on FastCo.


Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 94

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory. I hope you can also read French

Will the USA execute its plan to exact its revenge on its defeat in Lebanon.: the liberation of the eastern mountain chains from the terrorist ISIS and Al Nusra?

Bouc emissaire? Celui qui empeche de tourner en rond, qui invente quand il n’ y a rien pour deranger les gens? Mais pourquoi on me derange pour s’epancher sur les miseres quotidiennes?

Es-ce que la tendresse la memoire du plaisir, ces petites differences plaisantes? Il doit avoir la grace celui qui conserve ces memoires ephemeres

This Greek, Patriarche of Greek orthodox in Jerusalem has sold the Zionists many pieces of Palestinian heritage without consulting the Palestinians. This sect own a third of ancient Jerusalem. Palestinians from all religious sect are taking him to court. Mind you that Greek PM is also a staunch Zionist sympathizer 

I lived in Houston in 1979. Houston is under water. Calamity does Not follow me: It is climate change accelerating its reality.

Est-ce-que l’ Insolence est le mythe des gens qui n’ ont plus de mythes? Au moins pour ceux qui ont lutte’ contre les mythes dehuminisant et abjectes, et sont fatigues de la betise de certaines communautes

Cette humilite’ d’ ecrire des contes pour enfants? J’ y crois a cette humilite’ des auteurs qui ont des enfants aussi ages que lorsqu’ ils fuent marries

Hezbollah du Liban n’ est plus une simple armee’: Elle n’est pas logee dans des barraques mais dans des familles, et flexible pour se deployer partout ou le besoin l’ exige.

Ce serait un grand jour quand Hezbollah change de nom: Plus de Parti de Dieu et Musulman, mais une resistance permanente contre les injustices, l’ indignation et les oppressions politique et religieuse.

Malgre’ et par-dela la souffrance, la memoire est une joie obscene.

Marx wrote in 1845: The bourgeois and the Jew evade the laws wherever it is possible to do so in each individual case, but they wants everybody else to observe the laws.

Il y aura toujours quelques legistes qui ne croient pas avoir le status politique d’un baron pour continuer la lutte pour le pouvoir

La maniere la plus frequente qu’ont les hommes d’etre constants: Songer frequement a celle qu’on est infidel avec. Et vice versa.

The war on Syria is meant, planned and designed to be indefinite: No one has any clear idea or sustained determination to end it

Civil Disobedience is the hardest of protests and the most dangerous: citizens got to stop paying taxes, direct and indirect taxes. Which means the protesters have to change their life-style. One example, refrain from driving in order not to pay gasoline taxes to the mafia and militia leaders.

Share with me a list of indirect taxes that this defunct State of Lebanon is imposing upon us.

Ce qui retarde le progres et les changements necessaires c’ est surtout le manque d’ energie intellectuelle.

C’ est le devoir des gens eduques de continuer leur achevement intellectuel, par tous les moyens

Considerez que la duree de votre energie intellectuelle represente le sens de votre vie: Augmentez cette duree pour contempler les changements

Woodstock and Paris May 1968 movements for change crossed to Lebanon in 1969 and lingered for 5 years as movable fairs in Beirut.  The political system needed a counter bloody revolution

Pour un plein rendement, le travailleur doit etre associer a la responsibilite’ de la production. Assumant que le produit peut-etre utiliser par les travailleurs?

Le passe’ ne doit pas etre un bien auquel on ne peut toucher sans danger: L’ ideal n’est pas aussi eloigne’ de la realitee’ pour les societes vigoureuses.

La guerre a demontre’ que le credit n’ a pas plus de limites que la confiance



Text by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, was found in a remote Egyptian monastery

 Stefan A

Classical Greece, that is, the period through the 5th and 4th centuries BC, proved to be a highly influential epoch that played a key role in establishing the foundations of Western civilization.

Great portions of the modern form of Western politics, art, science, culture, and philosophy are based on the schools of thought that thrived during this golden era of the Ancient Greek civilization. This period also saw great advances in the theory and practice of medicine.

The most prominent figure in medicine of this time was the Greek physician Hippocrates of Kos. Even today, the majority of students who conduct studies in medicine take the Hippocratic oath, thus vowing to follow the ethical principles of medicine.

The work of Hippocrates has helped medicine distinguish itself from other fields it was traditionally associated with, such as the ritualistic practices of theurgy and also philosophy.

For Hippocrates, a diagnosis had to be based on observation and logical reasoning, and his school of thought strived to understand human suffering and considered the place of the physician to be at the patient’s bedside.

While he practiced his medicine in Kos where he was born, Hippocrates also traveled a lot, both as a practitioner and to teach others the art of healing.

To date, there are very few surviving relics or artifacts from Hippocrates himself, but according to a recent announcement made by archaeologists, an ancient text has been found that can be attributed to the ancient doctor. The text is a medical recipe that has been preserved by ancient scholars through the ages at the sacred and remote St. Catherine Monastery in South Sinai, in Egypt.

The medical recipe was discovered during renovation work at the monastery’s library. The library contains thousands of invaluable manuscripts that only now have become the subject of serious study.

The recipe was one such manuscript, discovered in one of the library’s most treasured Sinai Palimpsests.

The crucial thing about these palimpsests is that they were made of stretched leather. Producing it took a great amount of time and the process was costly. These were the two principal reasons why some of the original content in many of the palimpsest documents were erased, thus allowing other scholars to write a new text on the parchments.

A 12th-century Byzantine manuscript of the Hippocratic Oath in the form of a cross, relating it visually to Christian ideas.

The medical recipe was discovered beneath a layer of Bible text known as the “Sinaitic manuscript,” the latter taking the place of the former.

As the National Geographic further reports, the text was examined by researchers at the Early Manuscript Electronic Library, which has a well-established partnership with the St. Catherine’s Monastery.

In order to read the palimpsests and see what the naked eye cannot detect, the EMEL has used spectral imaging, a technique that allows one to see what might lurk hidden beneath other layers of writing in the manuscripts.

The same manuscript reportedly also contained two more recipes and included pictures of herbs–the author, however, is unknown.

Michael Phelps, a researcher at the EMEL, has stated in the Egyptian newspaper Asharq Al-Aswat that “the manuscripts, which contains three medical texts, will be listed among the oldest and the most important manuscripts in the world.”

Photo of the Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Egypt – one of the oldest working Christian monasteries in the world. Author: Berthold Werner, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Through it was many centuries in the past, monks and pilgrims from different lands made their way to St. Catherine Monastery, and they  left their mark in the manuscripts. They wrote in their own languages and donated the scripts both as gifts to the monastery and for the benefit of future pilgrims who would follow in their footsteps.

The Sinai manuscripts are truly significant, as they include the writings of the early Fathers of the Church, plus the history of the Christian Church. There are classical Greek texts, and among these there are important medical texts such as the one from Hippocrates.

The quest to find more lost and erased texts in the palimpsests will proceed at St. Catherine’s Monastery. Both Greek and Egyptian researchers are engaged in the project.

An example of one of the ancient writings at the monastery. This is “The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Monks of Mount Sinai”.

The monastery has been in existence since the 6th century when the Chapel of the Burning Bush, the original building on the site, was surrounded by walls. Situated in a remote part of the desert, the site was used a few centuries before it became a permanent residence for the monks.

The library that is part of the monastery has remained in service ever since the 6th century too, and is one of the oldest running libraries in the world.

Aside from ancient Greek texts, some of the manuscripts found here include significant writings in Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Coptic, Georgian, and Aramaic. The ancient collection is second only to the Vatican library.




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