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The Lone Ranger: Massive strong catalyst for upheaval

Note: You may read part one: City of All Evils

Trump must demand that Israel conduct a referendum with this question: “Do you agree for Jerusalem to become the Official and Formal Capital of Israel? ” I bet Israel government Won’t Dare run this referendum.

Unilaterally and in a single declaration, Trump smashed 4 decades of a strategy to creating an imaginary enemy between the Sunnis-Shias divide.  The people, in a flash, re-adjusted their direction toward their Existential enemy: Zionism/USA establishment

Israel government wants to still believe the Palestinians are stupid: They allowed for the first time Palestinian youths to enter the Grand Mosque. They assume that the Palestinians will believe that no more constraints on movements will be imposed once Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.

The day Trump declared his statement on Jerusalem, unilaterally, Israel declared it will be build 14,000 more units in Jerusalem for the settlers.

In a single day, Israel forces killed 3 and injured 1,100 Palestinian youths with live bullets. Most of them were hospitalized with concentrated and poisonous gas canisters in 10 Palestinian cities and villages.

A great event: Lebanon Parliament met for deputies to express their opinions on the Jerusalem crisis: this is a message for all States to convene their parliaments and let the representatives of their people to share their positions.

The Palestinians in Lebanon refugee camps are starting to side with Hezbollah strategy: Zionism/USA establishment are the Existential enemies

That’s what is called a strong and major Catalyst: Trump in a single declaration awakened the majority of the “Arabic” people, and in a flash, to their existential enemy: Zionism/USA establishment

Israel mindless traditional apartheid tactics of militarily confronting Palestinian mass civil disobedience is backfiring: After over 1,100 Palestinians injured with live bullets within 24 hours, escalation is quickly transforming into missile launching from Gaza and readiness of Palestinian factions into military confrontation.

Unless Trump retracts on his declaration, events are escalating into an all out war from various sides: Gaza, West bank, Lebanon and most probably Jordan.

This Lone Ranger of Trump will quickly find himself isolated and impotent to weight in in any cease fire or share in any deal in the Middle-East.

Israel is about to pay the heaviest of prices for exiting this clownish Trump and his close family circle.

Although Saudi Kingdom was let into this decision 2 weeks ago, it didn’t measure the enormousness of this blunder. Not only they officially condemned this declaration, they feel totally helpless to mitigate this declaration in the face of the massive uprising in the “Arabic” and Islamic world. Monday, the Arab Summit will meet in Cairo: This time around, Saudi Kingdom will shut up and let the condemnation fuse.

States are coming forth and convoking US ambassadors to lambaste them and decry the outrageous declaration that goes counter to the UN resolutions and world community position.

This Wednesday, the Islamic Summit will meet in Turkey to condemn this infamous declaration. Erdogan has already condemned Israel as a violent terrorist State that occupies other people lands

The head of parliaments will meet on Thursday to send a strong message to Trump of the representatives of the people

The US is warning its citizens Not to exhibit themselves in 12 countries and soon, many of its embassies will be vacated until events cool down.

This Pence, smug Vice-President, is to tour the region to meet Islamic high clerics in Egypt, Palestine… They all declined to meet with him. What the hell is he to tell them anyway.

This Not 1948 or 1967. Events won’t be the blank kinds.

Note: Again, read the previous article City of All Evils

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 99

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Il y a trop de pauvre gens: Je demande Equite’ au lieu d’egalite’ pour commencer. Un sens pragmatique que tout le monde sent qu’ils ne sont pas egaux ou ne le veulent pas

Too many poor people that elite classes require that they are needed: apply equitable laws and refrain from the non pragmatic “equality” rhetoric. 

The range of grievances in quality and a quantity increases with mastering the language.

All those invented new jargon by gang youth are symptoms of their inability to articulate in common language their new grievances and sorrows to a community that does not share their life-styles

Writing is the best means of expressing our list of doleances, as we feel a lack of quick verbal intelligence for effective communication of our miseries, or inability to associate with people and feel comfortable in gathering

Il y a toujours, faute de mieux, la passion de l’echec et ca arrive un peu au tard. Une passion est une passion et vaut mieux que nulle

Le probleme majeur du regime Syrien durant la period 2011-14 c’ est qu’ il bombardait les villes des Syriens civils du Nord, et quotidiennement avec des barils devastateurs. Pour quelles raisons? Pour qu’ ils fuient dans les campagnes et la Turkie? Et les Islamistes provenaient en premier temps a la survie des restant.
Al Nusra et ISIS partagent les memes positions sur le status des femmes: ma fi 3akel
Pour recevoir les revenus de l’ association de “charite'” Al Ihsan a Idlib, les veuves etaient forcees de se soumettre aux dictats de Ahrar Al Cham, allie’ d’ Al Nusra.
Et les fils-peres celibataires? A qui peuvent-ils s’ adresser pour secour? Bein sure, a la grande-mere si elle est tolerante.
Quel espece de voleur serait-il s’ il avoue pendant l’ interrogation? Ce ne serait plus drole
Robe de soir transparent? A tout? Quelles instructions l’ industrie de la mode donne-t-elle aux males? Sorte of “Warning” tags
Les courts supremes ont un mal fou a definir l’ obscenite’: Ils sont tous d’ accord quand meme.
There is no avoiding the total silence of coming major cataclysms: We pray for some noises to avoid death 
Reasonable people know about experimental concepts, requirements, and limitations.
L’avenir, cette etrange menace: Mon fils veut etre President d’une Republique. 
If you are interested in a topic, write about it…” Good or bad, at least you reached a position on the topic. 
The environment of reading needs to acquires a festive feeling and joy. And if you got the habit of writing, you’ll write a couple of articles just by reading and perusing a few book strewn around you…
Writing was my best means to bypass the world of rational thinking and discovering the wide set of emotional intelligence.
Take any story of any colonial period, change the names of the colons and settlers to the after independence autochtones, and the story can stand alone, unchanged, same background, same content, same dialogue, same psychological framework.

Asked To Kiss Strangers

In seconds, a first kiss can go from insanely awkward to completely perfect.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva managed to capture that transformation in her short film, where she pairs off 20 strangers and asks them to kiss.

What Happens When 20 Strangers Are Paired Off And Asked To Kiss? Magic

Posted: 03/11/2014 9:17 am EDT Updated: 03/11/2014 3:59 pm EDT

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Watch above as the couples’ uncomfortable introductions turn into small, sweet romantic moments.

UPDATE 3:50 p.m. Tuesday, March 11: Wren studio, a womenswear brand based in Los Angeles, announced on Twitter that this video was shot as part of an ad campaign for their Fall 2014 collection:




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