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Stop telling me I’ll change my mind: I don’t want children

Posted on: December 10, 2017

I don’t want children — stop telling me I’ll change my mind

One in 5 women in the United States will not have a biological child, and Christen Reighter is one of them.

From a young age, she knew she didn’t want kids, in spite of the insistence of many people (including her doctor) who told her she’d change her mind.

In this talk, she shares her story of seeking sterilization — and makes the case that motherhood is an extension of womanhood, not the definition.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxMileHighWomen, an independent event. TED editors featured it among our selections on the home page.

Christen Reighter · Poet, essayist. She writes and performs as a poet and essayist, focusing primarily on social justice issues.

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