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Don’t trust their rhetoric: Blatant hypocrisy of these Senators and Congressmen

Posted on: December 14, 2017

Don’t trust their rhetoric: Blatant hypocrisy of these Senators and Congressmen

Those US Senators and Congressmen voted in 1995 to have Jerusalem Capital of Israel

Zionism infiltrated the Evangelical sects in the USA. Since 1915 the USA has been the instigator for establishing the State of Israel, by pressuring England in WWI to  recognize a land for the Jews in Palestine in 1917. Over 200,000 US soldiers died in that war and many fold from the “Spanish Flu” once they returned home

The battle-cry on Jerusalem crisis: Pressure US Congress to rescind its law of 1995 of Jerusalem Capital of Israel. Otherwise, UN will postpone indefinitely the creation of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capital. This will go counter to the world community desires to put to rest this century old situstion.

There are maps of Palestine of 1920, 1947, 1949, the Oslo II of 1995, the Wye Plantation of 1998, the Charm el-Cheikh of 1999, the Camp David map including Jerusalem, the Taba I and Taba II, the two Sharon’s plans of 2001, including Jerusalem. No wonder these are never displayed: these Swiss cheese subdivisions and the implantation of Jewish colonies would speak louder than any article.


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