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Refreshing your memory? This huge rock that sits on your chest…?

Posted on: December 17, 2017

Refreshing your memory? This huge rock that sits on your chest…?

Unless you keep diaries, detailed and transparent diaries, recollecting events of your life is like digging around a bad big rock in order to dislodge it.

Most of the time, you are playing the archaeologist, digging carefully and very slowly in order not to disturb the chronological story and get to the context of the event and the various external factors that played catalyst to the event…

More often than not, it is the collateral emotions that surface, more horrific than what you initially asked for.

And your mind takes a tangent and lead your memory to paths that you completely have forgotten.

It is Not that you are rediscovering the events and emotions: They are basically false what you recollected.

Events and emotions that have been created and developed through the years, and never the kind of refresher kinds.

Altered events and emotions that are within the “feeling of what happened“.

And who cares about the actual facts and the detailed occurrences: You are after “hidden emotions” that you believe were truer and more candid and represent “Who you are…”?

Wrong. You don’t want to really know and feel how you were as a child, this brute and egomaniac child, this uncultured and half cooked mankind…

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