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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 107

Posted on: December 21, 2017

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 107

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Let the dead enjoy a moment of revolt to suit his eternity: Let them be donning colored clothes that would never be washed again. 

An experimental mind is Not permitted to confuse causal factors with catalyst effects. The causes simmer for long time, a catalyst is instantaneous, a rumor inflaming rooted customs

If we were able during our tumultuous life to sharing and enjoying the pleasure and happiness of others then there will be no need for any moral set of restrictions.

As long as you are making a difference between blissful moments and your current difficult moments then you will never discover bliss. Your present life is the bliss, the grace, and paradise.

I tend to realize that the feverish activities of Putin in Ukraine, Crimea and Syria were reactions to the machiavelic and cynical warmonger of Barack Obama

A PhD candidate often steers clear from academia after earning a PhD: They learn nothing in the last two years of the hard work. Totally dejected from the untenable and time-wasting process.

“Apres tout, depuis Assad pere, le regime se presente comme un regime laic”  Est-ce pour cette raison qu’ils se sont souleves entre 20111-12? Est-ce cette perception qui les ont encourages a rejoindre les extremistes Islamques?

“Nous pensions que la victoire sur Bashar etait imminente”. C’est le refrain qu’ on entend depuis 2012 par tout le monde qui sont payes pour s’aligner avec les coloniaux et les retrograde Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom?

60,000 US psychiatric professionals signed on a petition confirming Trump is a dangerous mentally sick person. They created a new category in their Book: “Extremely violent narcissistic disturbances”. They demand Donald be denied code for atomic bombs.

Do you know? US nuclear missiles are parked in military bases in South Korea. Aimed at China, Russia and North Korea?

Businessman Tillerson, Secretary of State: Antagonizing China over North Korea is bad for economy

Shou al 3amal? Iza wa7ed moush mahdoum wa bi sorr yethadman 3alayyeh?

Saudi Kingdom realizes it has no serious leverage in Lebanon: it orders the “Interior” of Lebanon to crack down on bloggers who negatively criticize its activities

Very plausible that ancient Atlantis was located in current Hoggar mountain chains (current desert between South-East Algeria and South-West Libya. The vast ocean recede 12,000 years ago and the desert got elevated.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a current occurrence (9,000 years ago), setting the premises for Mediterranean civilizations.

You become authentic when your actions are in alignment with what you promise. Never promise when you can’t deliver.

Quand la femme veut un homme, elle ne le laisse pas respirer, et literallement.

Une “debutante” ecarte les filles de l’ annee precedente: et un tire en petanque qui ecarte les boules du “but” est un debutant.

On approche de l’ enfer, les entrees s’elargissent: on entre dans une grande ville

Je n’ai jamais rencontre’ un homme qui sache s’aimer.

Les hommes croient que le marriage leur donne le droit de transformer leur femme.

Et Gantier soudain compris: ces deux-la etaient un couple. Le “puceau” de 18 ans et la belle actrice plus age’ de 6 ans. Ce couple ont fait la bete a deux dos et se faisait confience, et personne n’a eut aucune suspition.

La shou kel hal 3ayeet, msabbaat, shata2em, narfaze wa ta7addeh? Wa moush kadreen yerba7o competition barrat kawke3ton?

A approfondir l’ etude de l’Histoire des WC (toilet) sert-il a bien faire pipi et caca?

No genocide or mass crimes against humanity have been committed without prior preparation of the Silent Majority of the population.

The plan for a massive violence starts with “hate literature”, “hate ideology”, scare tactics against a minority (ethnic, religious, skin color, class of the population, genders…).

The State is in control of the media and manufacture horror stories and pictures, consistently and according to an efficient schedule to impress upon the ears and eyes of the “silent ” majority of citizens.

The citizens first feel relieved that the fascist State is actually cracking down on those “imaginary” perpetrators of destabilization of peace, tranquility, common customs and traditions and ways of looking at life and the universe…


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