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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 128

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Scientists (15,000 of them) have discovered that if we can protect 50% of our planet from human exploitation, our ecosystem will be able to stabilize and regenerate. Life on earth will recover!

The job of motivation is to train your habit in order to get where you want to be

The Job of Rules is to teach you how to set examples (Supposing that the rules are humanly acceptable, safe, and do not rob you from reflective judgment…?)

Action changes emotions: Don’t count on logic

The most savage of people are those feeling shame, once a hero among them resisted the indignities they submitted to

Ce que les Nazis ont fait aux Juifs et tous les minorites pendant 10 ans, Israel le fait aux Palestiniens pendant deja 70 ans: Depouiller la masse des victimes de leur condition humaine, pour une assassination massive

Tous ces orgies de deshumanisation, commis par les nations “democratiques” contre les pays “sous-developes”  ont sonne’ le glas pour l’humanite’, bien avant le rechauffement climatique.

La vie, c’est donne’ le temps necessaire a chaque impulsion. Etre le renard qui ce fourvoie dans ses experiences et sur les chemins inconnus, ou faire le herisson quand un sujet me fascine et me deborde.

Je ne me contente pas d’information: Il faut que je connect toutes les pieces, les sujets, les experiences et les savoirs

Les mechants comprirent quelque chose que les bons ignorent encore (pas de vice versa dans ce cas)

Most probably, the Ouigours were the first Chinese to be exposed to Christianity in the 6th century by the Nestouri sect. When Islam swept in in the 8th century, they were familiar with a few abstract concepts like a Unique God and the existence of Heaven and Hell. Same process with the other Far Eastern countries




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