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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 134

Posted on: January 24, 2018

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 134

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

If this Symbol of Jerusalem can appease the soul of all the religious sects swarming in this calamity city, let Trump declare Jerusalem a “neutral zone” to all religious sects, including the Jews, and the religious sites run by the UN as museums.

Since 1915, US Zionists pressured England to agree on a land for the Jews in Palestine in 1917, as part of entering the war. In 2017, an entire century, US pressured Israel to agree on Jerusalem as Capital. (Apartheid Israel has enough troubles without this new calamity)

So the US killed, injured, famished and displaced millions of Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis for 2 decades in order to make the swallowing of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel as a far lesser Evil? Can Jerusalem from now on be considered the Symbolic Center of All evils?

In 1781, Jacques Necker, France minister of finance, proclaimed that “There can be No peace in Europe unless public debts are reduced to the bare minimum:

Public debts are sources for increasing the military capabilities designed for destructive activities; and then more debts are accumulated for the reconstruction phase.  A devilish cycle that is anathema to prosperity and security.”

Thomas Jefferson recommended, and then imposed his view when he became President to the new Independent America, that loans should never be contracted out by States for longer than 19 years so that future generations do not have to suffer decisions of the living ones.

In 1748, Montesquieu in “Of the spirit of laws” wrote: “There are a few financial specialists disseminating the concept that public debts multiply wealth and increase circulation of money and internal trade. Facts are, the real revenues of the State, generated by the activities of industrious citizens, are transferred to idle classes. The consequences are that we make it more difficult on the industrious citizens to produce profit and worst, extending privileges to the passive classes.”

Funny. Lebanon news media are still focusing on Saad Hariri. Is Jerusalem crisis off the air? Is Jerusalem within the stupid concept of “na2i bil nafess” (Not meddling)?

As life expectancy is increasing, I suggest that Constitutions should force governments and official institutions to restrict the life of any loan to be 5 years shorter of the lower number of the average life expectancy or the age of retirement of citizens in the creditor nation.

War is the preferred default mechanisms on outrageous contracted debts, particularly when the creditor nation is weaker militarily.

If it were in another time USA and another serious President, this declaration about Jerusalem status would have worried me. It seems all too clownish. And the government altogether. from Jared to this Pence the idiot.

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