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Vatican report is Not hot on the performance of Lebanon Maronite Church

For my undergrad studies, I went to a Catholic University. I always wondered, when I struggled to pay my tuition fees on time, why the fees were so expensive (annually $7000-$8000), why some priests including the Finance Director drove expensive cars, latest model Mercedes, had the latest mobile…

Didn’t Jesus say leave everything behind and follow me?

To pay my tuition fees, i started teaching at a school few hours in between my courses, collect electricity bills between 4pm and 8pm, and at one point worked also at a coffee shop from 8pm to 2am.

(I was a PhD graduate at a USA university and I did far more minimum wage jobs within the university, 3 of such jobs and graduate assistant stipend for a quarter time in order to just cover my tuition fees)

While collecting electricity bills i was shocked to learn that many people in the Christian area were struggling to pay bills as little as 45,000 L.L. ($30) and some of them got their electricity disconnected.

When they opened the door for me, I used to see their kids studying on candles…

it wasn’t easy to knock on their doors and remind them that they need to pay to get the electricity back. I even used to pay the bill for few of them when it was small and tell them to pay me later when they can.

The sad part was that not too far from those poor families, there was a large monastery, their electricity bill used to be around $2,000. On key occasions they used to order catering from expensive restaurants. The priest that paid the bill used to arrive sometimes late, so i got to see his expensive car/phone…

I remember once telling him about how some of those families are struggling, and his answer was simply: a lot of people are suffering, we pray for them. 

My answer was: if you sell you car, stop ordering catering and help them, they will definitely appreciate that more than your prayer.

And that was the last time he paid the bill to me and started sending another priest to deal with me.

Obviously, like everything in life, there are some priests i absolutely respect and others i believe they became priests potentially for personal benefit.

Still though i think the real responsibility falls on the leadership in Catholic Church. 

I haven’t seen the report, i have no comment on it, but i am really keen to read it if it is really out there.

While I have immigrated to Sydney and the majority of my class mates have left Lebanon, i wonder if our Maronite Church in Lebanon and our corrupt politicians are finally satisfied that they now have Lebanon entirely left to them.

تقرير الفاتيكان الاسود حول بكركي

الإثنين 23 تشرين الأول 2017


سربت اوساط ما وصفته بالتقرير الاسود الصادر عن الفاتيكان بشأن وضع الكنيسة المارونية في لبنان وعجزها عن تحقيق اي خرق سياسي … ‎المعلومات أشارت الى ان ما خفي من التقرير الاسود يتجاوز بكثير ما نشر منه

‎ولكن ما خفي في التقرير اصعب مما تم تسريبه، حسب ما أشارت اوساط واكبت سير التحضير للتقرير الذي يدل عليه عنوانه بالاسود، والذي أعده الكاردينال مامبرتي الذي زار لبنان وأقام في مقر السفارة البابوية من دون إعلان او إعلام، والتقى خلال إقامته رجال دين الموارنة من مختلف المراكز والمراتب، رهبانا وكهنة واساقفة وروؤساء أديار ومدارس ومستشفيات.

‎وتشير الاوساط الى ان خلاصة الكاردينال مامبرتو كانت كارثية، حيث توجه بالنقد الشديد لرجال الدين الموارنة خصوصا الاساقفة وروؤساء الاديار قائلا “كنيستكم من حجر وبلا رحمة”.

‎وتضيف ان انتقادات عدة وجهت لرجال الدين الموارنة، من ضمنها عدم إيلائهم الاهتمام اللازم لشؤون الرعايا خصوصا في الاطراف، وحصر اهتمامهم بالابنية والمؤسسات التي تبغي الربح السريع والكثير.

‎ومما قاله الكاردينال مامبرتي: “أهملتم موارنة الجبل ولم تقوموا بمدّهم بسبل العيش الكريم. فعلى سبيل المثال “مدرسة الراهبات في حمانا” ستقفل بسبب التهجير الذي طال الاهالي، في اكثر من ست قرى مارونية في جوارها، ولم تبادروا الى إقامة اي مؤسسة تسهل عودة هؤلاء، فلماذا لم تبنوا مستشفى مثلا، او فروعا جامعية او سواها، فهؤلاء كانوا يقيمون في قراهم قبل التهجير وبزاولون اعمالهم في بيروت، واليوم هم لا يريدون العودة الى قراهم بسبب عدم توفر سبل العيش الكريم فماذا فعلتم؟

‎تأتون الينا بالشكاوى بشان بيع اراضي المسيحيين في الاطراف فماذا فعلتم لتأمين عيشهم الكريم في قراهم؟.

‎انتم تلتهون بملذات الحياة الدنيا، وتعتبرون ان لبنانكم هو الممتد بين كفرشيما والمدفون وباقي المناطق لا تعنيكم”.

‎وتضيف الاوساط ان الفاتيكان عاتب على البطريرك الراعي بسبب ما سمي “قصر وليد غياض البطريركي“، وان البطريرك كان بامكانه تجنب كل الضجة التي أثيرت بشأن هذا القصر مزعوم، لو تم التعاطي معه منذ البداية اسوة بما هو معمول به في ألآف العقارات المؤجرة والتي تتبع للاوقاف المارونية، بدل التلهي بتبادل الاراضي بطريقة مثيرة للجدل.

‎وتشير الاوساط الى ان الفاتيكان يعتبر ان الكنيسة المارونية تتخبط في شؤون الملذات الدنيا، خصوصا ان الاساقفة يتميزون عن رعاياهم بسياراتهم الفارهة وطريقة عيشهم الباذخة وهذا ما يتناقض مع تعاليم السيد المسيح، ولا بد للكنيسة المارونية من العودة الى جذورها لتستعيد دورها كخادمة للرعية المارونية المسيحية واللبنانية لا ان يكون كل هؤلاء خدما لرجال الدين


Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 136

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

The battle-cry on Jerusalem crisis: Pressure US Congress to rescind its law of 1995 on Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel. Otherwise, UN will postpone indefinitely the creation of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as Capital

Our existential enemy is Zionist controlled US Congress. As Zionism already control US Federal Reserve Bank

Is it just an impression? BBC and Euronews are creating side news to avoid coverage of Jerusalem crisis?

As usual, the colonial powers prefer to rely on regimes’ positions instead of the people emotions and opinions

The latest declaration On Jerusalem turned out too monstrous and unilaterally smug for the people in the “Arab” and Islamic countries to swallow.

Lebanon is leading politically the resistance in the Jerusalem crisis: Massive active demonstration in front of US embassy.  Foreign minister Jobran Bassil strong practical recommendations in Arab Summit in Cairo, and Hezbollah monster demonstration this Monday with Nasr Allah delivering a second speech, and Parliament that met on Friday to denounce Trump reckless declaration

There are maps of Palestine of 1920, 1947, 1949, the Oslo II of 1995, the Wye Plantation of 1998, the Charm el-Cheikh of 1999, the Camp David map including Jerusalem, the Taba I and Taba II, the two Sharon’s plans of 2001, including Jerusalem. No wonder these are never displayed: these Swiss cheese subdivisions and the implantation of Jewish colonies would speak louder than any article.

Beir Zeit university (in Ramallah?) was closed for 4 years by Israel during the second Palestinian “Intifada” in 1996. Palestinians holding Israeli passport demonstrated against the social injustices. The Indian Zubin Mehta, Israel’s Philharmonic chief orchestra, attended this cultural and musical event among the Palestinians.

Sanchuniaton of Berytus (Beirut)  wrote “Phoenicia History” and is credited as the “Father of History“, centuries before Herodotus

Most probably, expecting that the next person you meet will be as open to possibility as you are might just make it happen.

Porphyrius of Tyre  wrote “Treatise on the soul” and the commentaries on “The Dialogue of Plato“.  He was for Plotinus, Aristotle and Homer what Plato was to Socrates.




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