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As Good is no longer that great? Is good not good enough?

Posted on: February 9, 2018

As Good is no longer that great?

This a re-post of “I’m Luke” on this Nov. 21, 2013, one of the Top Posts

In the words of Adele, “rumor has it” that Bo Pelini has resigned as the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. An anonymous source (which is usually journalist for liar) is claiming that Bo’s resignation will be made public following the Iowa game on the day after Thanksgiving – so next Friday.

A surprising majority of the Nebraska fan base seems to be overjoyed at the thought of Pelini leaving Lincoln. It’s as if the Husker faithful have begun to solely blame Bo and his staff for the Huskers continued shortcomings this year.


I, for one, think removing (in any way) Pelini from head coach is the worst possible thing the Nebraska football program could do as it finds itself at another crossroads. Despite a slew of injuries, Bo and his staff have put a competitive product on the field this season.

Again, the Huskers find themselves on the verge of a 9 win season. Most places would be overjoyed to have a coach that wins nine games a season; but therein lies the problem – Nebraska isn’t most places.

Spend five minutes in Lincoln and you’ll be told, and then reminded, of the Cornhuskers glorious past.

The fan base has grown restless as nearly two decades have passed since Nebraska last won a National Championship. Furthermore, the Big Red have not won a conference championship since the Eric Crouch led Huskers defeated the Texas Longhorns in the 1999 Big XII Championship Game.

In large part, Nebraska fans are stuck in the past. Longing for an era that has come and gone, an era that will never again be replicated.

Enter Pelini – a coach who was hired to replace a coach who replaced a coach who got fired for just being good. Bill Callahan was brought in to lead the program away from mediocrity.

Instead, the program nosedived into mediocrity. Frank Solich was run out of town; and that was the wrong decision.

Today, Frank Solich has transformed Ohio from a laughing stock to a respectable mid-major program. It is my belief that Frank Solich should have never been fired from Nebraska.

However, an athletic director wanted to chase after an unattainable goal: Steve Pederson wanted to replicate the glorious 1990′s for Nebraska football.

Unfortunately, that era has come and gone; and will never be heard from again. It is time to accept that, Nebraska.

As much as I love and respect the tradition pitch of the Nebraska fan base, it has become overdone and is now harming the program.

An eighteen or nineteen year old kid doesn’t care about Matt Davison’s catch against Missouri or Tommie Frazier’s tackle breaking run against Florida.

In fact, Jordan Westerkamp told a reporter that he’d never seen Davidson’s miracle catch when he was asked to compare it to his after Westerkamp’s miraculous reception at the end of the Northwestern game.


To be sure, drastic change is needed if Husker football is going to be rejuvenated and resurrected from its current neutral state. However, that drastic change is not found in firing Bo Pelini. On the contrary, the administration at Nebraska must look at the current model the program uses to market itself and change the way it does business. A move into the twenty-first century is needed (and long overdue) for the gameday experience at Memorial Stadium. Forget the sellout streak, it’s not what gets recruits to come to Nebraska.

The athletic department should look at what Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles has done to breathe life into Nebrasketball. Nebraska men’s basketball now has a sexier look to it. The wheel has been reinvented; and a program long rooted in obscurity has begun to show signs of life. Change is good, especially when it is needed. And right now, change is needed for the Nebraska football program. It needs to be rebranded. It needs more Oregon and less Notre Dame. Think outside of the box. Get the students more involved in the gameday experience and stop making the grandparents who don’t make any noise the face of the fan base.

Bo Pelini doesn’t look happy to be in Lincoln anymore. Can you blame him?

How soon we’ve forgotten all of the good that has taken place under the Pelini administration. And most importantly, how soon we’ve forgotten just how close Bo and his program have been (and are) to breaking through from good to great, once again. I highly doubt that Nebraska will ever win another National Championship if they insist on doing business like its the mid-90′s. As it stands, Nebraska is a once great program that has become slightly above average – this is due to a shift and a change to the landscape of college football not the shortcomings of Bo Pelini. Look at the big picture, not just how you want to see things.

The truth is that the atmosphere surrounding Nebraska football has grown toxic. This is due, in large part, to a largely delusional fan base that puts unrealistic expectations on the program. The Pelini regime has done things the right way – look at the team GPA and the amount of high quality young men on the football team, just to name a few things. It’s just a shame the writing appears to be on the wall for the removal of Pelini as the head football coach at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Forget about Pelini – if you want him gone, then fine; he’s fired. Ask yourself who wants the job of head coach at Nebraska? I hate to break it to you but Nebraska isn’t a top ten or fifteen job anymore. If you fire Pelini, the chances of upgrading are very, very slim. Simply no one wants to come to Lincoln and deal with the unrealistic expectations. Instant results are wanted. Unfortunately, a successful program is not built overnight. It does take time. On the flip side, its a lot easier to destroy a program. Let that sink in.

Nine wins a year gets you a contract extension at most places; but like I said, Nebraska isn’t most places. Good isn’t good enough at Nebraska – and that’s a damn shame because good and respected will be replaced by bad and laughing stock if Nebraska runs another coach out of town because he only won nine games a year. I’m left to wonder just how many coaches will be run out of town before the administration and fan base realizes that the root of the problems can be found by pointing the thumb instead of the finger.


Bo Pelini is not the problem.


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