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Rescue boats for MOAS: migrant offshore aid station. And White Helmet?

Posted on: February 20, 2018

Rescue boats for MOAS: migrant offshore aid station. And White Helmet?

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Rouba Mhaissen

Many highlights of the past few days but perhaps one of my main is meeting two people.

Two people whose meeting meant to me more than Cameron or the King of Kuwait or Queen Rania or any other president or delegate or minister that I talked to in the past few days….

The first is a British man who helped train (and fund) a bunch of young men and women Heros to become something that we now call the While Helmets: Syrians saving Thousands of Syrians from under shelled buildings. (Turned out this organization made it a habit to fabricate videos for the colonial powers)

The second is meeting an inspiring Italian woman Regina, who along with her American husband, gave up ALL their fortune of 10 million dollars (of which is the university and life fund they had saved up for their only 17 years old daughter) to buy rescue boats (MOAS: migrant offshore aid station).

Not only have they rescued thousands of lives, but they also did it themselves. They both now work on this, always on-call all-night.

She told me stories that shook me to my core. She showed me pictures that will for ever be in my heart. She spoke to me of her faith. And of how every human is a human.

I asked her, don’t you miss your old lifestyle?

She said I used to fly in my private jet, today I fly in economy and reach the same destination. We, humans, always want more. But happiness is in giving.

Utterly inspired. Thank you, Regina. Thank you, for every human who is in touch with the core! I am humbled to have met you!

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