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Clowns without Borders on the borders of Italy and Slovenia

#balkans March 5th 2018:

Yesterday we were performing for Pakistani refugees staying at the borders of Italy and Slovenia!

They don’t know what will happen to them, will they be deported? will they be able to stay? Some have been waiting for two years now, they just don’t know yet!

In the afternoon, and just like that, we crossed the border from Italy to Slovenia and performed in Ljubljana for Roma, Serbian Bosnian and Iraqi refugees.

On the train today, passport control! I was the only one asked to empty my bag so they can search it… and search me! Making sure I am not a threat !

And it happened that I was reading “ Charlotte” a book by David Foenkinos, following the life of a German Jewish painter growing up in the times of Nazis, the deportation, the atrocities, the inhumane behaviors, and finding refuge that ended up with death!

Brunner who said “ all of those deserve to die, they were sent by the devil and they’re the garbage of humans”!

Here we are, years later, same thing happening to many other populations and in many different forms!

There’s always someone who thinks that someone else is the garbage of humans deserving to die and there’s some of the oppressed nations/ groups who’ve become even worse oppressors now, while brand new oppressors have also appeared!

And We, humans, we’re mostly watching and nodding ! (The same silent majority, tacitly siding with the state positions)

On the train from Slovenia to Serbia, everything around is white, temperature is between -2 and 5 degrees! on my way to Clown around for people who have been hiding in forests for more than 2 years now and I’m so angry and so sad !
Clowns Without Borders USA Justin Therrien Bekah Smith – Juggler

March 6th – Sombor – Serbia

Long empty far roads covered with white white snow! We drove for about 2 hours to get to a camp in the middle of nowhere in Serbia! we were welcomed by kids and adults who came running and laughing loudly when they saw us.

One little 11 year old kid shouted : ” hey you, I know you. I saw you last year in Sid” ( a camp where he was at – and where Clay Mazing and myself performed.)

Always warms my heart to hear such a thing. We played, we blew bubbles, we laughed and the following day we decided to go back and play some more with the kids and their families. They, apparently, have never had clowns passing by this camp not far from the Croatian border.

Now I am on a mission!

While chatting with two teenage girls, one recounted about her best friend Aya who’s now moved with her parents to a different camp ( 3 hours away from this one) – She and her had locked two swings together with a beautiful ribbon as token of their friendship.

Here’s another friend whom I lost and won’t probably see again- this is pretty much what’s been happening to all my friendships” this 14 year old girl said.

She took a picture with me and asked me to go to this camp, perform and look for Aya and show her the pic and tell her that her friend there, in the middle of nowhere, misses her everyday…

Fact is: we were denied access to this specific camp and I am thinking, it might be time to think about an undercover clown costume? hmmm….

Clowns Without Borders USA #balkan route Bekah Hammond Justin Therrien Molly Rose Jeroen Wils photos by: Ali Dalloul

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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 163

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

A Secular State main function is to enact civil laws that agree with the basic common denomination in the belief system of values, of facilitating the process for any individual to ask for a review of a law, to codify how organizations and individuals are entitled to demand their rights…

A Secular State main responsibility is to deny religious clerics to impose abstract laws

A secular State is expected to protect individual rights for freedom of expression, for learning and reading any published documents, for getting engaged in discussions that affect any power structure.

Democracy is fundamentally the process of instituting a credible civil and secular community.

«Avoir peur? C’est impossible. J’avais peur pour les autres, pas pour moi.» C’est ce que répond Françoise de Bourbon-Lobkowicz quand on lui demande si l’idée de faire demi-tour aurait pu traverser son esprit, lorsqu’elle menait des convois de médicaments vers les victimes de bombardements au Sud-Liban, en 1985. (Israel avait envahi le Liban et entrait a Beirut, et ne quita le Sud-Liban qu’en l’an 2,000.)

Ces petites mesquineries parmi des gens “mures”. Et tu te sens pas different des jardins d’enfants. Comme si on change beaucoup de nos habitudes mesquines d’enfance.

Tout club de gens mures et plutot seniles doit elire une committee’ pour negocier les problemes des mesquineries d’enfants

Transsexual operations in many countries are acceptable: a person has to have a definite genders (male or female). Homosexuality is Not just a shame for the family and community: It is an impossibility of nature. Being a lesbian is totally normal, a very natural feeling among women living together.

Cost of killing a Yemeni on average is $50,000,000 (in millions). That is enough money to pay the schools of all the Arab world and become the hero you want to be.




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