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Who are the Upper Middle Classes? The most powerful class politically and financially?

The  Upper Middle Class in the USA (UMC), those earning more than $120,000 per year (20% of the population), vote massively in their districts (80% of the time) and barely move out of their district, kind of implanted in their secluded quarters with all the amenities (security, facilities, schools, clean environment…). They are the obstacle for useful society mobility.

No politician in the UMC district will ever attempt to rob them of any privilege, woo other classes, or touch on any of their acquired “rights” since they are virulent, engaged and hold the power of opinion. Yes, they are most active, educated, and write opinion letters to politicians and newspapers.

A third of the mass demonstrators in Occupy Wall Street were from UMC. As soon as the government and financial multinationals agreed to give them a few guarantees on their acquired financial privileges, the massive UMC dis-assembled and left the other marchers prey to the police forces and their dogs.

The right-wing (Tea Party) and kind of left-wing parties are packed with UMC members: They know how to hold and maintain their power.

In fact, the UMC occupy most of the key positions in the public services, universities, media, municipalities, sciences, survey institutions, all kinds of traditional professions… and No Senator or Congressman will ever antagonize the UMC financial privileges and tax bracket. (Any such law is doomed to Not Pass, actually they are born-dead)

And how Donald Trump managed to circumvent the UMC?

Trump managed to flatter the values and “culture” of the working classes against the ascendancy of the UMC in journalism, mass media, bureaucracy, favoritism in public services and private companies.

Yes, the working classes have no grudge against the richest 1% whom they dream to become one of them and because they are never in close contact with them in any of their daily activities in the public sectors (read government)

The working classes have a gut feeling that their children are practically denied to move out of their parents’ status in society because of the tight-niches of the UMC in every sector in the community.

And why the UMC are so reluctant to slightly dent any of their overpowering privileges (economically, financially and politically)?

And why the UMC are Not ready for any tiny sacrifices in their life-style to promote the less fortunate classes for slightly better advancement in society?

Note: The UMC description and characteristics are valid in every country: colonial, imperialist, communist, socialist, in emerging nations (India, China,Brazil, Canada, South Africa) and even in poor countries where the oligarchy set roots for decades.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 181

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Adolescent Doron Blake with an IQ of 180, born in 1982, stated in a TV interview:

Having a high IQ does not make me a good or a happy person. Being intelligent is not enough to define an individual. What kids need is not to be pressured by over motivated parents for solely education purposes.  What I appreciate most in me is my capacity for loving others; I don’t think it is feasible to select genetically good and loving individual; nurturing is the key factor here.

 Billionaire Robert Graham wanted to store sperms of Nobel Laureates  in order “to improve human intelligence by eugenics selection“. The Nobel Laureates declined the temptation and the foundation went after second choices for successful and smart people in all fields.

Lebanon Central Bank failed to produce yearly balance sheet since 2002. Why? Most of the credits are being borrowed internally from local banks that are growing richer and more omnipotent in every economical sector: The banks own most of the wealth in Lebanon, alongside the religious real estates…

Minister of Israel offensive forces Lieberman is outraged that Lebanese kids are swimming in the sea amid a totally dirty and polluted beach, while Israelis in Tel Aviv will be living in bunkers when the next war starts

Suppose human species could Not die before a certain age, no matter what. Would policemen carry weapons? Would any war start? How our civilization would have changed? It is very upsetting Not to be able to kill.

4,000 Syrian kids refugees in Germany opted to return home to re-join their parents this year. 

Why do we always show we got power when we buy from and bilk the needy ones? And why do we get generous to those who do not even need our generosity?

Une nation habitable? Par qui? Les touristes?

Capacite’ de resister a la faim? Au nom d’un esprit national? C’ est la degradation de l’humanite’ collective. C’est l’esprit de l’imperialism economique qui veut degrader l’humanite’ du tier monde pour accepter la misere de son destin.

This anomy system in Lebanon. When every deputy who has been retaining his chair for over 2 decades (by elections and self extension of tenure) managed to become a businessman and swapped shares in the businesses of the other deputies, the Parliament is doomed to legislate for their own businesses. The rest of the citizens don’t count for lost opportunities.

Yalli az3ajja Nabih Berry min tarkiyyat al dobaat howeh kawl Saad Hariri la ba2ss, 3edamma kaloulo ra7 ye seer fi meshkleh iza waka3at?

Lawma tadakhal al jaish bi ser3a, kaanat al 7arb ahliyyat bada2at min al Hadath.

Ibraheem Kan3aan lahou al fadel al akbar fi i3aadat al a7waal nosof tabi3iyyat. wakt mostakta3.

Nabih lam ya2mor wala waa7ad min kawaader Amal le tahdi2at al moushaaghibeen. wa fehmkon kifayat

3akel 7ammiyyeh? (Akel Hamiyyeh) khataf 6 taa2iraat min ajel tazkeer al 3aalam bi Moussa Sadr. maat 3an 3omer 87. Lam yousharek fi katel mouwaten loubnani fi al 7arb. Nabih taradahou min Amal fi 1988: ma baddo ka2ed shoujaa3 fi zolo, wa ye zakro ennaho ma kaan rokn fi al 7araket lamma Moussa Sadr kaana 7ayyan.

Mousalsalaat (animated stories) fi Tele Luniere ba3d al zohor hiya nasher myths of akhbaar al yahoudiyyat

Iza bada2et 7arb ahliyyah, Walid wa Samir awal al moustahdafeem. Balaha le3b al khawarej, wa indammo saree3an fi dawlat al mou2assassat

Lula Da Silva: Ex-president of Brazil to be incarcerated? Why again?

Something going very wrong in Brazil. The current president Tamer is undergoing serious court problems with fraud and embezzlement. The people wants his ex-president Lula back to the presidency. But the Brazilian oligarchy refuse to listen to the street.

Lula started his life carrier as a shoe-shine boy around Sao Paolo.
He focused on the poorer classes in Brazil and made good successes in that regard, and inducted Brazil as a major BRICS partner, along with India, South Africa and Canada.

من ماسح احذيه .. إلى رئيس جمهوريه !!

اضطرت عائلة هذا الرجل” لولا دا سيلفا ” أن تسكن في غرفة واحدة في منطقة فقيرة في المدينة ، غرفة خلف ناد ليلي ، تنبعث منه موسيقى صاخبة ، وشتائم سكارى.

وقد أسهمت الأم بشكل كبير في تربية وتكوين شخصية دا سلفيا ، ولذلك يعترف لولا قائلاً : لقد علمتني أمي كيف أمشي مرفوع الرأس وكيف أحترم نفسي حتى يحترمني الآخرون.

بدأ لولا دراسته في سن مبكرة ، غير أنه توقف عن التحصيل الدراسي في مستوى الخامسة من التعليم الأساسي ، بسبب المعاناة الشديدة والفقر الذي أحاط بأسرته ، الأمر الذي اضطره إلى العمل كماسح للأحذية لفترة ليست بالقصيرة بضواحي ساوباولو ، وبعدها صبياً بمحطة بنزين، ثم خراطاً ، وميكانيكي سيارات ، وبائع خضار ، لينتهي به هذا الحال كمتخصص في التعدين ، بعد التحاقه بمعمل «فيس ماترا» وحصوله على دورة لمدة ثلاث سنوات.

وفي سن الـ 19، خسر لولا أصبعه الصغير في يده اليسرى في حادث أثناء العمل في مصنع قطع غيار للسيارات.

هذا الشخص هو رئيس البرازيل السابق القوي جداً ومطورها الأول على مستوى العالم ، ويبكي في هذه الصورة التي كانت في نهاية فترته الرئاسية لأن الشعب والبرلمان البرازيلي يرفضون رحيله ويطالبون بتعديلات خاصة لكي يستمر في قيادة البلاد … وهو رفض ذلك .

From a  shoe shiner. To the President of the Republic!!

Had this man’s family, “Lula da Silva” to live in one room in a poor area of the city, behind a nightclub room, emits loud music, drunken insults.

Mother has contributed significantly in raising and shaping da Silvia, and therefore admits without saying: my mother has taught me how to walk upright head and how to respect myself even being respected by others.

Lula began his studies at an early age, but was stopped in the fifth level of educational attainment of basic education, because of the intense suffering and poverty that took in his family, which forced him to work as a shoe scanner for quite some time on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and later a boy with a gas station, and then Turner, auto mechanic, and vegetable seller, ending this case as a specialist in mining, after joining the lab «vis Matra» and his role for three years. At the age of 19, Lula lost his finger in his left hand in an accident while working in the auto parts manufacturer.

This person is very strong, a former President of Brazil, the world’s first developer, and weeping in this photo was at the end of his presidential term because the people and the Brazilian Parliament rejects his departure and demanding amendments to continue leading the country. And he rejected it. 




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