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Who are the Upper Middle Classes? The most powerful class politically and financially?

Posted on: April 6, 2018

Who are the Upper Middle Classes? The most powerful class politically and financially?

The  Upper Middle Class in the USA (UMC), those earning more than $120,000 per year (20% of the population), vote massively in their districts (80% of the time) and barely move out of their district, kind of implanted in their secluded quarters with all the amenities (security, facilities, schools, clean environment…). They are the obstacle for useful society mobility.

No politician in the UMC district will ever attempt to rob them of any privilege, woo other classes, or touch on any of their acquired “rights” since they are virulent, engaged and hold the power of opinion. Yes, they are most active, educated, and write opinion letters to politicians and newspapers.

A third of the mass demonstrators in Occupy Wall Street were from UMC. As soon as the government and financial multinationals agreed to give them a few guarantees on their acquired financial privileges, the massive UMC dis-assembled and left the other marchers prey to the police forces and their dogs.

The right-wing (Tea Party) and kind of left-wing parties are packed with UMC members: They know how to hold and maintain their power.

In fact, the UMC occupy most of the key positions in the public services, universities, media, municipalities, sciences, survey institutions, all kinds of traditional professions… and No Senator or Congressman will ever antagonize the UMC financial privileges and tax bracket. (Any such law is doomed to Not Pass, actually they are born-dead)

And how Donald Trump managed to circumvent the UMC?

Trump managed to flatter the values and “culture” of the working classes against the ascendancy of the UMC in journalism, mass media, bureaucracy, favoritism in public services and private companies.

Yes, the working classes have no grudge against the richest 1% whom they dream to become one of them and because they are never in close contact with them in any of their daily activities in the public sectors (read government)

The working classes have a gut feeling that their children are practically denied to move out of their parents’ status in society because of the tight-niches of the UMC in every sector in the community.

And why the UMC are so reluctant to slightly dent any of their overpowering privileges (economically, financially and politically)?

And why the UMC are Not ready for any tiny sacrifices in their life-style to promote the less fortunate classes for slightly better advancement in society?

Note: The UMC description and characteristics are valid in every country: colonial, imperialist, communist, socialist, in emerging nations (India, China,Brazil, Canada, South Africa) and even in poor countries where the oligarchy set roots for decades.

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