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I had a night dream. Tried to interpret it

Posted on: April 8, 2018

I had a night dream. Tried to interpret it

I had a night dream. We are in the middle of the semester. This university prof. is asking me a question during class. He spoke quickly and I couldn’t hear the last words.

I asked him to repeat the question and he didn’t raise the volume of his voice.

I asked him again to repeat the question to the astonishment of the students and the flabbergasted prof.

And I ‘m closing and opening my ears with both hands as if my ears were shut close. I suspected he was saying ” How do you feel about this course” but was not sure and I says: “Fine. I like it when you invite me to the blackboard”.

I had to force myself wide awake to interpret this dream.

Most probably, a few experience high blood pressure when under stress and literally can’t hear.

In my case, a combination of blood tension and a question “out of context or subject matter” exacerbated the situation.

Most would faint as a reaction in these kinds of conditions to avoid a sense of shame.

Does this dream telling me that I’m a strong minded and confident guy to dare express honestly my lack of hearing the question repeatedly?

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