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Soldiers abused with addictive pills in war and left to fend themselves afterward

All discoveries and technological development end up being considered for military purposes, if Not initiated by the military institutions.

A human soldier is frequently too human for those rascals in headquarters: the soldier must be “Augmented” whenever possible to behave as a robot, like those trained with ISIS and Evangelical Zionist fundamentalist

In 2014, the USA created the Biological Technological Office. This agency announced that biology joins basic sciences to produce an “augmented soldier” since robots by themselves are Not capable to win in the battle fields.

Methamphetamine, which aid in overcoming fatigue,  was massively administered to the German and Japanese soldiers in WWII.

In Viet Nam, US soldiers were given amphetamine “Go pills”.

The British soldiers when sent to Afghanistan in 2001 and later to Iraq (2003) received a “safer” alternative to addiction for “exaltation” with Ritaline. They all returned home addicted and totally useless.

In the battle of Austerlitz of 1805, where Napoleon defeated the armies of 3 monarchs, 2 divisions of infantry received a triple shot of liquor before charging the plateau of of Pratzen. Wondering if an overdose of liquor that the Republican Guards got before charging the mound in Waterloo where the British were retrenched, accelerated their quick descent in chaos.

US Gen. Stanley McChrystal claimed in 2013 that the use of drones in Afghanistan generated a visceral hatred toward USA: This is no longer a war among fighters, but the enemy is a coward avoiding the fight.

Any fallen Augmented Soldiers shouldn’t ever be decorated for valiance.

The same hatred extended to Yemenis, Somalis, Syrians and Iraqis. Israel army, using drones, is also viewed as a cowardly enemy

Augmented Soldier” is manipulated at 2 levels:

1) Not using any exterior gadget but enhancing the senses above normal levels, and blunting the level of pains and fatigue (the Special Forces). This method is to get the intervention task done with minimum costly casualties. And

2) adding technological gadgets to increase efficiency and accuracy. Most probably inserting implants too. Like those you see in action movies






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