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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 184

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

It is not easy to be carted out of exquisite privileges of this bad elite club.  There was this palpable sentiment that “All is legitimate and commendable as long as you are a member of an institution of old traditions and customs

Elite clubs of old money or old aristocracy are the same elite clubs and interchangeable.

The clubs of old money are frequently in a state of boredom and badly need fresh excitements, which can only be satisfied by constant infusion of fresh money

The old money is already codified, legalized, cleaned, and transferred within formal and expected disbursement.

Old clubs have difficulty dipping into the old  and stable money without getting into risky investigations of “where did you get all that money in the first place…”

Mostly, fresh money comes from overseas, from shady governments in developing countries that still rely on their former colonial powers to cover up their oligarchic business dealings

The interesting raw materials that old money invest in are uranium, copper, tin, heavy metals… any material used in technology and aerospace industries, just to keep a military edge

The basic interests of the military and Old Money cannot be dissociated…

The main benefit my dear is that you may revert to your normal self: dealing comfortably with double moral standards…

If you manage to vanquish your miserable state by acting as it is Not your destiny, most other frustrations will be easy to overcome

Reforms are everyday activities. If reforms are Not bonded to a unified recognition of “Who is your existential enemy” like Israel, the frequent minor civil wars will shake down your stability.

Tara2ouni. Zaado al 3alawi lel tarashoh lal Parlement ila 8 millions Cruzero. Ma labakaat ma elha 7add: Kaateb 3adel wa…$100,000 deposit in a special bank account in order to register as a candidate to the election

Ma te7lamou bi esterdaad ayya mablagh min dawleh mfalasseh: lal tarrasho7 aw lal zboutat

Yalla. Al mou7ameen 3endon shoghol bil intikhabaat: Tawkeel le takdeem talabaat al tarasho7


The Great Spirit
Andrew Bossone shared The Great Spirit‘s photo.
The Dance of the Dance of Life Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth….our Mother Honor the elders.
Honor all with whom we share the Earth: Four-legged, two-legged, winged ones, Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty. We are out of Step When We cannot walk a straight line.
We’ve stepped on our brother’s foot. We forget to be thankful. We feel alone. We think our dance is the only dance there is. We forget to keep on dancing…
Dance to Heal the Earth by Dee Smith Whenever you dance, wherever you dance, dance to heal the earth!
Dancing is power. Dancing is prayer. Some say that all is dance. Maybe.
Now there’s a big dance coming, a dance to heal the earth. If you’re reading this, you’re probably part of it. You take part whenever you do whatever you do to help heal the earth. When you recycle. When you choose to show love, to fight for justice, to bring healing, to bring out what is good in others.
When you avoid cruelty and dishonesty and waste. When you are outraged. When you speak out. When you give. When you consider the generations to come. When you protest to the oppressors and encourage those who feel the cutting edge of injustice.
There is a tree that all the prophets see, and whenever you let your love show, you make the flowers grow. Soon this dance will be done in a big way, in the old way, on sacred ground. All living things will take part.
If you want to, you can take part. No one is twisting your arm. You can stop any time you need to, and start up again whenever you’re ready.
If you’ve read this far, you probably know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably been doing it in one way or another for a good while. Soon will be the time to make no bones about it! Cut loose!
Anytime you dance, anywhere, whether at a party or in church, dance to heal the earth! Let your feet beat a healing rhythm into the earth. Let your feet beat a strengthening rhythm for those who struggle the hardest.
Let your feet beat a life-giving rhythm for all peoples, regardless of race or national boundary, regardless of whether we’re human or whether we’re the trees, the air, the fish, the birds, the buffalo, the bear, the crow.
We come out of hiding, we come back from the dead, and we dance, and our dance is a prayer, and our songs and our rhythms and our breath give life.
Is the music they’re playing some mindless jingle? Never mind, as long as it’s not bad music, and you can dance to the beat!
Make your own words, and make the words a prayer. A prayer for the end of exploitation, a prayer for the end of lies, a prayer for healing, for justice, for life.
Remember your prayer-song, feed it and let it get strong and pass it along. Dance and pray, whenever you dance, dance to heal the earth. Have you seen anything? Wear it out! Make it so that all can see what you see!
Take a white T-shirt and mark it with your dreams. Is there anything you’d like to tell the world? Take your shirt and mark it with your song! This is the way it has been done, so you can do it too.
Use any color except black (there are reasons for that that will become clearer later), and you’ll probably find that a loose, pure cotton T is most comfortable for dancing in. Cos this is an actual dance, you dance hard, you sing and breathe hard and sweat. Wear it when you plan to go out dancing, to dance to heal the earth.
Some people do this dance while fasting, and dance for several days straight. But even a few minutes of dancing helps, and joins with all the other dancing going on, everywhere on Earth.
Not everyone can fast these days. Besides, you never know when you’re gonna dance, and you have to eat sometimes! But if you plan to dance, hold off eating till later, or just have a little.
It’s easier to dance if you don’t have a hot-dog weighing you down. Some people say, do not do sacred things where people are drinking and partying. But all the universe is a sacred place.
It really doesn’t matter what others are doing, you can make a place sacred wherever you are, with your intention and your prayers. Some people use smoke to make a place sacred; a cigarette or incense stick will do fine.
You can dance to heal the earth anywhere, even a party or a bar!
The earth is everywhere, so you can dance anywhere to heal her. Only one thing. Please hold off drinking or using any other intoxicants till you’re done. It works better that way.
The Lie has gone far enough. It spreads and makes everyone sick. Now is the time for this dance to begin. It, too, will spread, and it will bring healing to all.
In the beginning, they say, God put a rainbow in the sky, to let us know that Spirit never forgets. Now is the time for us to put a rainbow across the earth, to let God know that we, too, remember.
Dance to heal the earth. Not just when you’re dancing, but always. Live the dance, whenever you move, in all you do, dance to heal the earth… — with Kathy Pack-Dugger and 9 others.
Note: Remember that wherever you step, there is a buried corps down there. We are walking on our forefathers: the land is sacred. Stop the shelling and bombing and excavating.




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