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‘No innocent people in Gaza’ says Israeli defence minister


A total of 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers during 10 days of protests at Gaza’s border with Israel

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday there were “no innocent people” in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip after Israeli soldiers shot and killed 30 Palestinians during 10 days of protests.

“There are no innocent people in the Gaza Strip,” Lieberman told Israel’s public radio.

“Everyone’s connected to Hamas, everyone gets a salary from Hamas, and all the activists trying to challenge us and breach the border are Hamas military wing activists.”

(Consequently, snipers, you have carte blanch to kill or main an unarmed Palestinians on the border with Gaza?)

Israel has faced mounting questions over its use of live fire after 10 days of protests along the Gaza Strip border during which its forces have killed 30 Palestinians and injured 2,200 Palestinians with live fire and tear gas, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

(The snipers were told to target the legs of the protesters with live bullets so that they won’t be marching any time soon)

Violence spiked again on Friday when ten of thousands of protesters returned to the border. Nine Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces and at least 1,060 were wounded, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The dead included Palestinian video journalist Yasser Murtaja. The 30-year-old father was shot in the abdomen by an Israeli sniper while covering the protests despite wearing a flak jacket labelled “Press”.

Yaser Murtaja’s body was carried to his funeral in Gaza with his press flak jacket laid across his chest (Mohammed Asad)

Also among the dead was 15-year-old Hussein Mohammed Madi from Gaza City. Madi was killed east of Gaza City by an expanding dum-dum bullet, the ministry said.

There have been no reported Israeli casualties. (The Palestinians are unarmed and the snipers are well sheltered?)

Israel says it has opened fire only when necessary to stop damage to the border fence, infiltration and attempted attacks. (Assassination is a very costly price to pay for damaging a fence)

But rights groups (Like whom?) have harshly criticized Israeli soldiers’ actions, and Palestinians say protesters are being shot while posing no threat to troops.

‘We are always targeted by Israeli forces’

The Israeli military accused the “approximately 10,000 Palestinians” who attended of “rioting in five locations along the border with the Gaza Strip”.

They added that “several attempts have been made to damage and cross the security fence under the cover of the smokescreen”.

Everyone’s connected to Hamas, everyone gets a salary from Hamas

– Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Defence Minister

Palestinians burned hundreds of tires in a bid to obscure the vision of Israeli snipers lined up on the border between Israel and Gaza.

“We have heard many warnings about using burning tyres, but we have no other options to express our anger and our right of return,” demonstrator Said Ayman Hamdan told MEE on Friday.

“Whatever we use, we are always targeted by Israeli forces. So we use tyres that will misguide the Israeli’s gunshots, as we are peaceful protesters. We needed something to protect us from Israeli brutality.”

Images on social media showed Israeli security forces deploying fans in a bid to remove the smoke and clear its vision of the border.

On 30 March, Israeli forces killed 19 Palestinians and injured 1,100 as tens of thousands of protesters gathered at the Israeli border.

The following day, Israel’s military said in a tweet that “Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed”.

The tweet was later deleted.

Israel alleges that Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip and with which it has fought three wars since 2008, is seeking to use the protests as cover to carry out violence.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the European Union have called for an independent investigation into Israel’s use of force, which Israel has repeatedly rejected.

(Israel rejected so far every outside investigations, particularly its obsolete atomic facilities that is irradiating wide swaps of lands)

On Saturday, the European Union raised questions over whether Israeli troops engaged in “proportionate use of force”.

Note: Israel Hasbara pay people to enunciate what they taught them how to react to any comment Not pleasing Israel apartheid policies. They don’t take a minute to reflect: automatic small souls

Assaad Zakka shared a linkApril 10 at 4:00pm · 
A total of 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli snipers using live bullets and 2,200 injured in 2 Fridays, days of demonstrations for the Right of Return to the Homeland.

I am confused. What Trump and Macron (of France) are planning to ruin Syria

Apparently, Trump and Macron want to strike Syria very badly n account that chemical weapons were used in Al Ghouta. Russia vetoed the USA tailor-made alternative to investigate the accusation in Syria and the USA vetoed Russia alternative.

All parties on the field (Syrians and Russians) are saying “No chemical weapons were used”, even the Islamist factions didn’t mention such an event, though chemical weapons were discovered in their tunnels, dug by their prisoners in the last 4 years.

Syria invited the specialized UN organization on chemical weapons to come and investigate on the field and a team has already arrived.

Russia warned USA and France that its reaction will be prompt if the strike injure any Russian in Syria.

Trump cancelled his Latin America tour to personally control the situation of the strike.

The colonial powers have the habit of setting up all kinds of Red Lines when it suit them to other militarily “weaker nations”. Red Lines are Not meant to be applied to the colonial powers, ever. They do sometimes sign on treaties but refrain to ratify them, like the International penal court, or any of their citizens being prosecuted by other nations, especially in matter of crimes against humanity. Or eliminating weapons prohibited by the UN.

Chemical weapons were first used by the colonial powers starting in WWI by Germany. The USA used chemical weapons extensively on Korea and China in the 50’s, then Orange defoliating gases and napalm in Viet Nam… France supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons and were heavily used during Iran/Iraq war that lasted 8 years  (1980-88).

I am confused. First question: Were chemical weapons been used in Al Ghouta? Yes or No? I was not in the battle field, and neither were you. How to you interpret whatever you got in information?  What are your rationals for lack of facts? What can we do with any secret intelligence pieces that we are denied knowledge?

I am confused. Second question: If chemical weapons were used, why it took place when the battle of Al Ghouta was over and all Islamic factions and their families relocated by buses to Edlib and Jarablos?

I am confused. Third question: The colonial powers repeatedly disseminated the plausibility of usage of chemical weapons in Al Ghouta before the re-conquest started. The battle finished and no news of usage of chemical weapons were announced until the last couple of days when the war was over.

I am confused. Fourth question: We all felt that the colonial powers expected the Islamic factions to use the chemical weapons they were supplied with, against either the Syrian army or the civilians inside Al Ghouta to provide excuses for the powers to intervene. Nothing happened. Had the colonial power failed to coordinate their strikes before the battle and now, as they are ready, they need to vent their frustrations from the failed 2013 threat?

I am confused. Fifth question: Why the White Helmets working with Islamic factions and trained to fabricate videos persist on taking video of children, and only children? If chemical weapons were used, the most probable injured parties should be the fighters huddled inside their tunnels in order to vent them out. Why No videos of these supposedly gassed terrorists were not taken for the common people to watch? Since 2013, many of these cruel videos were taken in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq… and displayed as happening in Syria.

I am confused. Sixth question: Why USA and France persist on attacking and striking the Syrian people under any excuse? Is it because their plans failed and they need some kind of revenge? And this latest determination to strike, is it a tactics to let the totally unconvinced world community believe that chemical weapons were indeed used?

Note: My conjecture is that Trump and Macron are finally convinced that whatever plans they had in Syria has failed, and need a face-saving strike before they retire their military operations in this hellish Syria and focus on trade row with China and their multiple domestic problems

Sample of Horrible First-World Problems Posted on Twitter, and re-twitted

I was going to write a good introduction to this article, but my fingers hurt from eating too much sushi with chopsticks.

Statements like these are a hallmark of the first-world problems meme, which features the complaints of entitled people complaining about everyday occurrences.

The Middle Class Problems Twitter account has taken to re-tweeting real-life comments from people who have had it up to here with their iPhones, house cleaners and grass-fed organic fair-trade hot dogs.

Their cleaners are late, their massages are all wrong, their bechamel is runny, and they‘re not going to take the injustice anymore. posted

Some of us love to hate first-world problem memes because they’re an example of the first world’s decadence and sense of entitlement.

Some of us like them because we sometimes find ourselves guilty of complaining about the same inconsequential problems.

Whatever’s the case for you, we’re sure that you will enjoy reading these tweets from people struggling with the difficulties and stresses of first-world life.

Source: @middleclassprob (via Buzzfeed)

Note: I posted an article on the characteristics and privileges of Upper Middle Classes around the world a couple of days ago.




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