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When are you to decide “to become what you are”? A Coelho-leulogy ranting?

Posted on: May 5, 2018

When are you to decide “to become what you are”

Il est tellement important de laisser certaines choses disparaître. De s’en libérer. De s’en défaire.

Il faut comprendre que personne ne joue avec des cartes truquées (s’il le savait?), parfois on gagne, et parfois on perd.

N’attendez pas que l’on vous rende quelque chose, n’attendez pas que l’on reconnaisse vos efforts, que l’on découvre votre génie, …que l’on comprenne votre amour.

Vous devez clore des cycles.

Non par fierté, par incapacité, ou par orgueil mais simplement parce que ce qui précède n’a plus sa place dans votre vie. (Ou ne devrait pas?)

Fermez la porte, changez de disque, faites le ménage, secouez la poussière.

Cessez d’être ce que vous étiez, et devenez ce que vous êtes. –


It is so important to leave some things disappear. To be free. To discard.It must be understood that no one plays with faked cards, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Do not wait that making you something, do not wait that we recognize your efforts, that we discover your genius,.. .that understand your love. You must close cycles. Not by pride, incapacity, or pride but simply because the foregoing does have its place in your life.Close the door, change the disk, clean, shake the dust.Stop being what you were, and become what you are. -Coelho

A comment from Jamil Berry:

Why hassle with all the social sciences and Humanities if we are doomed to read the Coelholeulogie

This ranting to “close” the past squarely forget that what we are is the tip of the iceberg. Any part of us interact and learn and endure and evolve or atrophied. This demagogue is the best killers of human thought believes we are compartmentalized as submarines, live it by locking tightly compartment before opening another and so on?

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