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Differences between Lebanon policy and the International community for the Return of Syrian Refugees’ to their Homeland

Posted on: May 16, 2018

The Syrian Refugees’ Return to their Homeland: Approaches and Prospects

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) published together a policy paper,  titled “The Head Out of the Sand – The Syrian Refugees’ Return to their Homeland: Approaches and Prospects”, authored by Dr. Elie El Hindy, Dr. Charbel Al Alam, Maya Succar, and Laura El Chemaly.

Lebanon is facing the riskiest and most difficult challenge.

The risk in Lebanon is almost existential given the complexities of the Lebanese reality, the failure of the Lebanese state to carry out its simplest duties, the interdependence of the Lebanese and Syrian state of affairs, and the high refugee-to-citizen ratio in Lebanon.

This ratio is the highest recorded in the history of refugee crises in the world. (Probably the ratio of the unregistered Syrian refugees constitute over 40% of the total Lebanese population of 4 million)

It is thus obvious that working on the refugees’ return from Lebanon to Syria as a permanent solution to the crisis is Not a luxury but an imperative need.

This paper is an in-depth study on how to address obstacles preventing Lebanon from developing and adopting the “National Emergency Plan for the Return of Refugees” and how the urgent need for refugees to return can be balanced against the standards required to protect them and preserve their rights.

Note 1: For years, the world community, particularly the EU, claimed that Syrian refugees are Not to return before a political settlement is achieved. Actually, the US, Saudi Kingdom, Israel and Turkey don’t want any political result that would unify Syria. Currently, all the cities and the most inhabited districts in Syria have been liberated from the terrorist factions financed and supported with weapons by the USA, France, Germany, and England.

Note 2: Last week in Belgium, the tone has changed: Yes, Syria has been mostly liberated and Syrian refugees can return. What is now required are 2 policies:

  1. That the official Lebanon government open direct communication with the Syrian regime to coordinate the transfer of refugees to secure areas in Syria. With the results of this Parliamentary election, official close coordination is more than feasible. and urgent on many levels.
  2. Some financial incentive from the world community to encourage the refugees to re-start a life they were denied during the long civil war.

Note 3: Syria has been negotiating for years with the extremist factions and transferring them and their families to northern Syria, like to Edleb and cirtes bordering Turkey. It would gladly negotiate with peaceful Syrian refugees to return Home.

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