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If you think you comprehend much of anything in the Middle East: “You have been misinformed”

SYRIE …. Avez vous tout compris de ce qui se passe en Syrie?

Note: I think that the author is mentioning Obama because Trump is totally uninformed of what’s happening here and his opinions are irrelevant?

La politique au Moyen-Orient ? Comprenne qui pourra !

* L’Iran soutient Assad , mais les pays du Golfe sont contre Assad.
* Assad est contre les Frères Musulmans.
* Les Frères musulmans et Obama sont contre le Général Sissi.
* Mais les pays du Golfe sont pro-Sissi.
* Ce qui veut dire qu’ils sont contre les Frères Musulmans.
* L’Iran est pro-Hamas, mais le Hamas soutient les Frères Musulmans.
* Obama soutient les Frères Musulmans, mais le Hamas est contre les Etats-Unis.
* Les pays du Golfe sont pro-Américains.
* Mais la Turquie est, avec les pays du Golfe, contre Assad.
* Pourtant la Turquie est pour les Frères Musulmans et contre le Général Sissi.
… Et le général Sissi est soutenu par les pays du Golfe …

Et la FRANCE, comment doit-elle se positionner ?
En réalité elle ne le peut pas, étant donné :
– Qu’elle est avec Obama, donc avec le Hamas et les pays du Golfe, contre Assad !
– Mais cela la met contre la Russie et la Chine qui soutiennent Assad et lui fournissent des armes….
Et par conséquent, la France est contre Obama, vu qu’elle soutient le Hamas qui est contre les Etats-Unis .
Et comme Assad est contre les Frères musulmans, la France est contre l’Iran qui est pro-Hamas…..

P.S. : Vous n’avez rien compris ? Ce n’est pas grave.
Car comme le disait l’historien Henry LAURENS : “Si vous avez compris quelque chose à la politique au Moyen-Orient,… c’est qu’on vous a mal expliqué.” |

Note 1: I agree with this complex and public positions of all parties, except that we cannot know the secret deals and short-term plans.

Note 2: Erdogan of Turkey lead the Muslim Brotherhood movement (which originated in Egypt in 1923) and want to impose his leadership to this movement in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Qatar. Erdogan won’t settle for a political resolution in Syria unless the Muslim Brotherhood are included in the equation. USA and Europe have no qualm with Erdogan strategy: Actually the western Nations usurped Egypt “Spring Revolution” to bring the MB in power. The Egyptian army opposed the western wishes and conducted a successful coup d’etat a year later.

Note 3: The Wahhabi sect in Saudi Kingdom are as extremist as the US “Christian” Evangelical Zionists” and frequently oppose any political reforms: They pressured this monarchy to support the terrorist factions in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Syria, and Iraq. Many researchers confirmed that the leaders and tribes of the Wahhabi are Jews who camouflaged as Muslims to survive in this “Arabic Peninsula”. It is the same case in Bahrain.

Here’s Why Some Brains Really Are Smarter, According to This New Study

Note: Mind you that smart is Not solely restricted to analytical reasoning. There are many kinds of smartness and intelligence in human behaviors.

Are you ‘neurally efficient‘?

18 MAY 2018

People with a higher IQ are more likely to have fewer connections between the neurons in the outer layer of their brain, according to a recent study.

While previous research has suggested bigger brains are indeed smarter, a closer look at the microstructural architecture suggests it’s not just a matter of more brain cells, as much as more efficiently connected ones.

An international team of neurologists used a non-invasive technique known as multi-shell diffusion tensor imaging to get an idea of the density and branching arrangements of the grey matter inside the heads of just under 260 volunteers.

Each subject also took a culturally fair complex reasoning test, producing a variety of scores ranging from 7 to 27 correct answers out of a possible 28.

Matching the imaging data with the test scores, the researchers found that those with higher analytical skills not only had more brain cells, they also tended to have fewer branches between the neurons in their cerebral cortex.

They then turned to a database of nearly 500 neural maps within the Human Connectome Project, and found the same pattern of higher IQ and lower inter-connectivity.

At first this might seem counter-intuitive. (If we are restricting smartness with analytical reasoning)

The old idiom ‘more hands make light work’ might apply to brain cells, but in this case those extra hands don’t seem to be passing more information between them.

Previous research had shown that in spite of having more brain cells to share the heavy lifting, smarter brains don’t tend to work as hard, displaying less metabolic activity when subjected to an IQ test compared with those who struggle to attain high scores.

This observation has led to the development of the neural efficiency hypothesis, which suggests the analytical power of groups of nerve cells isn’t about pushing them harder, but about them being connected in a way that minimises effort.

“Intelligent brains are characterised by a slim but efficient network of their neurons,” says neurologist Erhan Genç from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany.

This makes it possible to achieve a high level of thinking with the least possible neural activity.

Research on intelligence is often complicated by questions of definition and interpretations of IQ testing, so we need to refrain from generalising the results too far beyond the scope of the experiment.

Brains do a number of awesome things, with analytical reasoning making up just a part of its diverse cognitive skill set.

But understanding more about how individual units can interact to solve problems with maximum efficiency does more than show how brains function on a cellular level, they might point the way to improving technology that mimics them.

More research will no doubt help unravel the mystery of just how a streamlined nervous system does a better job at solving problems.

It might not help us all become geniuses, but it does show there’s merit in working smarter, and not harder.

This researcher was published in Nature Communications

Are you ‘neurally efficient’?




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