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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 200

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Toussaint Louverture (1743-1803) revolted against the French troops in the island of Haiti/Dominican and sent Napoleon a respectful letter in 1801 declaring a new Constitution to Haiti and the wish to stay part of French protectorate.  The constitution stated that:

First, “there cannot exist slaves on the territory of Haiti”;

two, “slavery is abolished and all men, regardless of color of skin, are born, live, and die free men”;

third, “Any man is admissible to all kinds of jobs and employment”; and

fourth, “The constitution guarantees liberty and security to all citizens”.

Napoleon didn’t find this declaration funny

In 1802, a lieutenant to Toussaint, Jean-Jacque Dessalines defeated the French troops in “La Verriere” and was appointed Emperor to the Haiti Empire.  The new constitution of 1805 stated that:

First, “The people living in the island decided to live in a free State, sovereign, and independent of any foreign powers”;

two, “Slavery is abolished and no white individual will be permitted to own properties as master”; and

third, “Every citizen will be called Black regardless of the color of his skin and will enjoy the same equal citizenship rights”.  That was the first time that Negro or “negritude” was advanced as a culture.

The fanatic Zionists are running out of excuses Not to establish two separate States and have no recourse but to appealing to mythical divine claims in order to usurp Palestinian rights.

The Palestinian religious extremists had to infuse divine rights to Justice and Humanity, since the successive US government, Congress, and Senate refused legitimate natural and human rights to Palestinians as an identity and as a State.

War against Da3esh (ISIS) will never be over as long as there is this huge pool of young refugees in camps. Actually, Da3esh was created within the vast US camp in Iraq which lasted too long

It turned out that the Koran:
1. Never mentioned an Islamic State
2. Never mentioned al Shari3a
3. Never believed in miracles (How more rational it can be?)
4. Had no punctuation whatsoever: it could be interpreted widely by any educated person

I wish everyone connected to the social netwrok to contribute propagating these news:
1. Israel detains, every day, administratively a dozen Palestinian youth
2. Israel still keeps 400 Palestinian martyrs and refuse to deliver the bodies to their families
3. Israel detains 7,000 Palestinians without trial

USA, Russia and Turkey are doing their best to deviate Syria’s plan to the North (Afrin province), but Syria refuses to fall into that trap. The real battlefield is the re-conquest of the Golan Heights. Entering Galilee by Hezbollah is but the second phase in the next war.

Have you lived so long just to end up believing that all knowledge and wisdom are found in a single book? And you dare look me in the eyes and censure me?

Mind you that England fomented WWI when it realized, 7 years earlier, that Germany over ranked her in world export market, second to USA?

Before Bismark who united Germany, France was the nemesis of England for the simple reason that France could quickly dominate Europe with its vast population, administrative effectiveness, land and mind.

England was always willing to fund European political discord with France that it created in order to keep France short on liquid money.


BDS claims ‘massive victory’ after company reports $4m in losses

Versarin is a partner with Israel Aerospace Industries.

Supporters of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement are claiming a major victory following the news that an engineering company reported a loss of over $4 million on the back of a campaign exposing its alleged links with Israel Aerospace Industries.

The losses were revealed by the company’s chief executive officer during a bitter Twitter exchange with students from the University of Manchester (UoM) who brought to light a web of connection between UoM, Versarin, which is a commercial partner of UoM, and Israel Aerospace Industries. In their report released last month, campaigners alleged that Versarin made a deal with IAI in 2017.

Neill Ricketts, the chief executive officer of Versarin, who strongly rejected the conclusions of the report throughout the Twitter exchange, threatened to “sue individuals” for the loss of over $4 million which he believed was a consequence of “misinformation and mistruth”.

Activists taking parts in the 'Big Ride' blockade a UK-based Elbit Systems subsidiary. Image taken on August 8, 2016

Activists taking parts in the ‘Big Ride’ blockade, a UK-based Elbit Systems subsidiary [File photo]

Read: UK government seeks to overturn BDS victory in court

“My fear is honest private investors missing out as a result of misinformation and mistruth. I would sue the individuals for my loses which total £3m today. People should not be allowed to just lie and get away with it”. Neill Ricketts@neillricketts

Questioned as to how the company suffered the loss, Ricketts said: “The share price dropped on the back of fake news that caused some shareholders to sell.  As a result those that made up stories are liable for the losses incurred by the other shareholders.”

Ricketts, who was cited in the original report exuding over his company’s relations with the Israeli aerospace industry, reported the losses during a long and bitter Twitter exchange with UoM student and one of the authors of the report, Huda Ammori.

Read: Activists expose UK university’s links to Israel weapons manufacturer

The exchange began after Ammori responded to a tweet by Rickett from February in which he said: “Having a busy time in Israel with long hours and lots of meetings and presentations, did you know that despite not being in Europe they still can access European grants.” Neill Ricketts@neillricketts. 

Ammori replied: “More like, having a busy time creating links with Israel’s arms trade using my university @OfficialUoM as a research hub for your dodgy deals.” Ammori’s response to a three-month-old tweet by Ricketts appears to be a reaction to Israel’s brutal attack on Palestinians in Gaza.

Describing her joy over Versarin’s losses, which in all likelihood would not have been known to the wider public without Ricketts’ admission on Twitter, Ammori said that this was a “massive success” for BDS.

Speaking to MEMO she added that the loss was solely due to Versarin’s deal with Israeli companies and shareholders needed to think twice about working with a country like Israel that is responsible for the longest and most brutal occupation in modern history as well as carrying out dozens of massacres against Palestinians.

Update: A previous version of this report said that campaigners claimed that Versarin developed technology that was sold to Israel which was used by the Israeli military in the Gaza onslaught of 2014. This is not the case.




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