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Your permanent record

“I’m going to record this conversation, okay?”

How Nixonian! The idea of being on the record is a scary one. It’s the hot button of, “This is added to your school transcript.”

Forever, it seems, you will be marked by what you did or said, a pristine record, besmirched.

Today, of course, the post-Nixon reality exists.

So much is on your permanent record that we’ve all been besmirched. That video response you posted, that comment, that update.

The fact that you didn’t actually work on that team your resume claims you did. The customer who left your restaurant angry and posted a negative review on one site or another.

In a heartbeat we went from special, gap-free makeup for TV stars on HD to online candid photos of every celebrity, without makeup.

If you don’t know how to speak with confidence on tape, you’ve now entered a culture where you will never be able to speak. Because it’s all on tape, it’s all online, it’s all on your permanent record.

Everyone has failed, everyone has misspoken, everyone has meant well but done the wrong thing.

Your favorite restaurants, cafes and books have all gotten a one-star review along the way. No brand is perfect, no individual can pretend to be either.

Perfect can’t possibly be the goal, we’re left with generous, important and human instead.

Posted by Seth Godin on July 25, 2013

Comments and Notes posted on FB and Twitter in Arabic/Lebanese slang. Part 6

Note: These are notes and comments in Lebanese dialect written in Latin characters and with numbers (2,3, 5, 7,8) representing vocals and consonants Not available in Latin or Saxon languages.

Ra2ees 7ezb Loubnani bi al soltat ma 3endo khilaaf bi fekrat al este3maar wa tard al sha3b? Feeh ye sal-lef, bass ma fi yi ghayyer, bi nafssiyet al sha3b, lamma ra2yyo enno Israel moush 3adou woujoudi

Marouniyyat Loubnan ansha2et 3elakaat wathikat ma3 Zionism mounzo 1919, wa kaanat mou2ayidat le dawlat yahoudiyyat, wa ma estarjat te3lon jahaaran. Pierre (the elder) kaan yo2bod min Israel fi kol intikhaab. 7atta Samir na2a bi nafsso min mawdou3 “Israel is our existential enemy”

Iza al Tayyar mousserr 3al taghyeer, ye balesh bi tan7iyet Jobran 3an al ri2asseh. Bassil elleh ba3do ma shayef fark ideology ma3 Israel. Fi baatinihi, ma fi meshkel bi dawleh lel Yahoud wa la fark yozkar bayn Marouni wa Yahoudi. Ma yekoun “Christian Evangelical” min ghair dirayat

Wa al kharaf estaf7ala ba3d 25 sanat min 7okm al militia

Bassil kan bi 7ajat la 5 sa3aat ma3 Sayyed al Moukawamat 7atta yefham shou al Ideologia bte3neh

Only Nabih Berry (Head of Parliament for 27 years) ma baddo intikhabaat. “makaamto” btorfod ye seer jadal bi tamdeed ri2assatahou ba3d al intikhabaat

You7ejjoun? ila 3ain el Tineh? Ka2anno ghanam 3am ye 3azzo bi fardd naafe2.

Hezbollah tassara3. laww sakat kaan Nabih fehem enno zaadaha wa kattar. Meen halla2 bi haddeeh? Saar houweh al “mou2assassaat” wa mokhtazal lal Shi3a

Ra7 etrasha7 3al intikhabaat barlmaniyyeh. A3daa2 laa2i7ati lazem ye jaawbo 3ala sou2aal assassi: “Hal ta3taked Israel 3adou woujoudi la Loubnan wa al mantakat?”

Ba3d noushou2 Israel, we7dat al mojtama3 al Loubnani intakass min sayye2 ila asswa2, wa al 7abel 3ala al jorrar. Taalama al kouwa al kharijiyyat toumli kararaat 3al dawlat, ma fi taghyeer.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 202

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Hezbollah saved Lebanon from the status of Non-Entity. I feel that Lebanon is no longer just a State recognized by the UN, but has acquired the status of a Nation; a tiny Nation but with the potential of agreeing that we are one people under the law and against all contingencies.

Either Lebanon eases its way to a unified modern State, with secular civil laws and equitable election laws, or we will end up with two drastic different groups:  The theocratic parties, representing the archaic current political structure, or the secular and democratic political parties representing the aspiration of the new generations.

For over four centuries, the same kind of rather whiter man, backed up by the same missionary monk, Landed around earth’s shores and ventured inland.

This whiter colonizer said what he thought and what his God said. A sort of a universal whiter civilization exploded and expanded. This new culture didn’t even try to explain

Hitler declares war on the US and delivered this public speech: “I accuse Roosevelt of crimes against international lawsRoosevelt comes from a rich family and lived the privileged life that democratic States facilitate the existence of the rich classes, this class labeled the 10,000 ultra rich.

Roosevelt lived WWI in the shadow of his protector (President) Wilson, amid the sphere of the war profiteers and exploited the miseries of the poor classes riddled with soaring inflation and engaged in vast speculation dealsI was a simple soldier in WWI, and I got injured, and was released as poor as ever”.

Roosevelt is intent on switching his policies from the internal public opinion demands to external affairs, aided by his Jewish cohort the Frankfurter, Baruch, Cohen and Morgenthau…”

Une démarche comme si rien ne pouvait vous arriver, une beauté de la vie adolescente, les seins nus, et elle portrait sur la téte une corbeille de fruits (Une belle fille Africaine)

Jamal Dajani wrote: This picture by the ‘Islamic State’ formerly ISIS or Da’esh in Arabic was posted on Twitter.  The placards they’re carrying say (paraphrasing) that they will not defeat the Jews (Israel) until they get rid of Arab leaders. Why that strategy?

Because Arab “leaders” are standing in their way to allow them to help the people of Gaza? (Very funny opportunists when taking hold of social platforms). With friends like them who needs enemies?

No, Palestinians don’t need the help of mercenaries who kill Shia’s, Kurds, Christians, Yazidis and others. Actually, ISIS has brutally killed and massacred far more Sunnis than all other religious minorities combined, in internal battles among factions for control of power and interest monopoly.




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