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Egypt’s slums: Are they any better than other slums in the world?

Posted on: June 2, 2018

Are the slums of Egypt any better than other slums in the world?

Note: Have no idea who is the author of this piece.
I spent 15 days in Egypt during the month of June.
I initially went to volunteer with Al Mawred in the slums of Cairo and more precisely in Istabl Antar and Ezbet khayrallah area!
The kids! and the slums !
when i first got there i couldn’t help but wonder if they were any worse than the Indian slums! or the Brazilian ones!
At least people in Istabl Antar are productive (something that is rare to find in other slums i visited)
On the way, from the mini bus window
First picture i took upon my arrival
They are all looking for a 2nd 3rd or 4th wife! anyone interested? they asked me to post their picture!!!!

Then i started working with kids on different themes. mainly we focused a lot on animals! bodies, voices, attitudes etc…

when we all met in the big theatre space, the only way to get their attention was to mime and clown around!
and to tell them stories from the “flower’s garden” repertoire which they enjoyed very much!  pic by: Halim Al Chaarani
these are  candles that he would like to have so he can get rid of darkness at  night when there’s no electricity and when his father is away!
our goodbyes

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