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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 203

Posted on: June 5, 2018

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 203

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

These ISIS mercenaries were Not parachuted out of nowhere. Don’t buy into misleading media reports…follow the money trail…The money trails will lead you to absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the Gulf Emirate. The weapon trails will lead you to US, Britain, Germany, France, Israel…

Syria’s minority population includes approximately 6% Christian, 3% Druze, 14% Alawite, 2% Shiite and 10% Kurdish.

The Sunnis (about 65% of the population), the majority of whom are secular-minded and just as afraid of al-Qaeda and ISIS as are the minority groups. ISIS killed far more Sunnis than all minorities combined in Syria and Iraq.

Israel shares two common denominators with Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

First, Lebanon political system comprehends that to sustain security and stability it must support a stable Syria and satisfy its strategic policies in Lebanon.  The same mentality coincides in the relationship between Israel and Egypt

Second, Israel and the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza are totally dependent on the European States economic and financial support; not just for long-term development but actually for daily survival. Period!

Israel considered, in the last 30 years, that its stability is strategically linked to a stable and secure Egypt.  There is a single fundamental difference:  While the Lebanese share strategic, social, trades, historic, and geopolitical features with the Syrians, what do the Israelis share with the Egyptians?  A “peace treaty” signed by Egyptian dictators?

Oded Yinon published in 1982 “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.” Yinon, like other Israeli leaders after him, believed that for Israel to survive it must become an imperial regional power that “effects the division of the whole area into smaller states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.”

Israel believed that it could flaunt the US policies for a Palestinian State as long as Egypt is stable and secure; Egypt closing its borders with Gaza; Egypt harassing Hamas for various reasons; Egypt supporting and planning Israel preemptive wars against Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza. Mubarak was deposed and this Sisi is worse than Mubarak in working against the Palestinian interests

Pragmatic difference between skeptic and pessimist: Skeptic may change his mind on a subject matter by engaging in a series of experiments; pessimist has set his mind on “Nothing would do”

A skeptic can quickly revert to a pessimist on a subject matter when he refuses to discover the facts: Laziness and lack of passion degrade an experimental mind

How come the USA can frequently commit crimes against humanity and mass media decline to cover them? What about Al Raqqa, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, 

Les illusions sont jeunes car changeant. Mais on ne l’est plus: la depression s’en charge.

Our margin for developing certain characteristics is limited; and though what could be modified a little by nature, environment, social conditions, and personal struggle will have an impact in defining future generations, over long period.

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