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I don’t want to be rich

Pakinam Amer posted

The very unexpected moment when I realized I don’t want to be rich.

I don’t want to. I don’t care.

I mean I’d care about being comfortable, to a degree, debt-free (definitely!), being able to afford food, shelter, clothes, decent transportation, caring for pets and a good tiny bit above average living standard, to be able to travel, to enjoy a super good meal out from time to time, to buy something nice and chic from time to time, to afford health care, always.

You get the idea. But rich? As in cars, and villas, diamonds and designer clothes, and all that? Nope.

Not really. Not interested, anymore.

I like pinning nice looking stuff on pinterest, mind you, but beyond that, I’m losing the desire to own things, or flaunt them.

It could be new Egypt, or the economic woes, or China, or depression, or spirituality, or none of that. But that compulsion to buy, and own, and have expensive things and try and make life “easier” to infinity is almost gone.

And it surprises me, pleasantly.

Note: Very funny. So you are rich and enjoying all the amenities of life. How about editing your title that make more sense?

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 207

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

US Saterfield is staying in Lebanon until he forms the Parliament lists of candidates composed of pro Saudi Kingdom, Israel and Evangelical Zionists. He will shuffle as urgency requires. About time to tell him that he over-extended his stay and he is no longer welcomed in Lebanon

You are the responsible one: Not because you’re culpable for your emotions, but because the actions and the experiences that you make today become your brain’s predictions for tomorrow. Sometimes we are responsible for something Not because we’re to blame but because we’re the only ones who can change it.

UN cease fire in Al Ghouta to be applied after Al Nusra vacate the locality 

Advantages of Canada teams in Winter Olympic: Canada companies designed the skying paths (pists) and tested its skying equipment on these paths. Third before USA in the ranking. Norway is first by a wide margin, followed by Germany.

UK economic growth in steady downhill path and unemployment in steady rise. And Theresa May doesn’t see the need for a second referendum after the myths cleared.

Life coaches have forged a new profession, borrowing from cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Eastern spirituality, and just plain old trusting your gut. As this amorphous, lucrative, and in-demand industry has grown, so too has its reputation as the Wild West of personal development. Many people regard life coaching as a joke at best and a Ponzi scheme at worst.

US and the European governments acted and faked to look surprised at the “Arabs” uprising in 2011 and claimed that failing to react appropriately and quickly was due for their plan to work

Captive Lebanese soldiers with Da3esh died everyday. Everyday, they were fooled that they will be slaughtered, shown the knives, blind-folded, made them walk as ducks out of the cave and making them listen to recording of slaughtered victims

Now going to blame the mother for the slaughter of her son soldier with Da3esh, because she admitted publicly that he fought in Nahr Bared?

Ya 3ammeh, wayno Michel Sama7a? hal ghorfto mouri7a metel amir al Keptagone? Ma ba2a 7adan 3am yenta3 ma3o jarayed wa mostanadaat. Leish Souriya al Assad kararet tzi7o min al shashaat?

3odna wal 3awd aswa2: “3oulama2” mazhab yatazaaharoun da3man wa eftikharan bi Al Nusra fi Al Ghouta

Da3man la Suterfield, Saudi Kingdom toursel safeer “fawk al 3aadat” ila Lobnan: Kingdom kha2ifat min e7raaz Hezballah 5 nouwaab sunnat min darbihat


Is that a very awkward situation for you? People surrounding you coming to your aid.

Dan Rockwell posted

You got to the end of your rope because you feel misunderstood and Not cared for.

You serve, understand, and support others.

Who serves, understands, and supports you?

I’m not asking, “Who finishes tasks for you?”

I’m asking, “Who supports you as a person?”


You’re alone because:

  1. You pretend you don’t need others.
  2. Those around you are fakers, pretending they don’t need others. Authenticity frightens pretenders.
  3. You won’t receive.
  4. You haven’t told people how to support you.


You need supporters who:

  1. Dream big for you. Many want you to stay average or at least below them. Supporters aren’t threatened by your success.
  2. Think about your humanity. Nearly everyone wants something from you. Supporters think about you as a person as well as what you do.
  3. Strengthen you by understanding and accepting you. Feeling understood and accepted energizes everyone. Vitality fuels the future. It’s not lazy self-indulgence.

Bottom line:

Leaders who don’t feel supported, end up hanging from the end of their rope, drained, disillusioned, and discouraged.

Everyone needs a “with.”

No one ever makes it on their own.


Stop whining about self-centered people who care only for themselves. The world is full of generous people.

  1. Train supporters. Explain what support looks like to you.
  2. Welcome and enjoy support when it comes. Stop brushing off support with embarrassment.
  3. Jettison the omnipotent leader façade.
  4. Develop trusted friends and, most importantly, be honest with them. Stop lying about your struggles. Don’t spill your guts in public but spill them somewhere. If you don’t open up in private, it often happens in public.
  5. Never make others responsible for you.

Help others care for you by caring for yourself.

High and mighty leaders, who have it all together, find this the most awkward leadership topic.

How can leaders develop personal support structures?




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