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I don’t want to be rich

Posted on: June 14, 2018

I don’t want to be rich

Pakinam Amer posted

The very unexpected moment when I realized I don’t want to be rich.

I don’t want to. I don’t care.

I mean I’d care about being comfortable, to a degree, debt-free (definitely!), being able to afford food, shelter, clothes, decent transportation, caring for pets and a good tiny bit above average living standard, to be able to travel, to enjoy a super good meal out from time to time, to buy something nice and chic from time to time, to afford health care, always.

You get the idea. But rich? As in cars, and villas, diamonds and designer clothes, and all that? Nope.

Not really. Not interested, anymore.

I like pinning nice looking stuff on pinterest, mind you, but beyond that, I’m losing the desire to own things, or flaunt them.

It could be new Egypt, or the economic woes, or China, or depression, or spirituality, or none of that. But that compulsion to buy, and own, and have expensive things and try and make life “easier” to infinity is almost gone.

And it surprises me, pleasantly.

Note: Very funny. So you are rich and enjoying all the amenities of life. How about editing your title that make more sense?

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