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Service Design? Conversation about its future?

Posted on: June 15, 2018

Service Design? Conversation about its future?

Last night, April 4, 2013, Joanna Choukeir Hojeily was a panelist on Service Design at The Hub Westminster “Future Of Service Design”
Here is a summary of the best bits from the discussions.

Conversations About The Future Of Service Design

“I was invited to be a panelist at The Art, Science (and Magic) of Service Design alongside Alison PrendivilleBen ReasonRich Radka and Geke Van Dijk.

The conversations were lively and compelling, and I really enjoyed and learned from the experience. These are some of the intriguing points that were discussed on the future landscape of service design:
  • Customer, consumer, user, patient, learner, participant, collaborator… how do we understand them better through the way they see themselves when using a service, rather than how we see them.
  • How can we mature the customer/service relationship from using a service to participating in shaping and improving it.
  • Problem to solution, brief to deliverable… how do we break the linear process of projects with the realisation that services happen over a time lapse, and the environments, contexts, user needs and expectations are forever changing.
  • The best service is only the best service now, but will require constant change to meet the demand for tomorrow. Service design needs to be an ongoing process that create fast and small iterations for a customer base that is more demanding, less satisfied and less loyal every day.
  • Designer, business-minded, innovator, strategic, disruptor, implementer… It is often challenging for service designers to be the creative change makers that they are, while adhering to business frameworks and logistical constraints of large organisations.
  • Ways of addressing that: making changes incrementally through quick fixes, basing ourselves within the organisations, having internal service design teams, training people within organisations in service design tools and techniques so they can do it themselves with our support.
  • Service design, social impact and social value… Public sector teams are becoming smaller, and more public services are being commissioned to private and voluntary organisations. With the Social Value Act, these organisations need to not only demonstrate that their services are cost-effective, but that they demonstrate and evaluate a social value. As service designers, we need to be thinking about developing methods, tools and techniques that not only result in services that offer great customer experiences and a good return on investment, but that create a social impact on the lives, social networks, finances, and environments of those they touch.
  • Last night Joanna took part in a discussion panel on Service Design, over at the Hub Westminster. </p><br /> <p>Joanna has summarised the main points she took away from the conversation, around the future of Service Design.</p><br /> <p>
  • The event was organised and sponsored by Rosenfeld and Webvisions and hosted at The Hub Westminster.
  • If you attended the panel and want to share any interesting points you took away from the panel discussion please leave us a comment!

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