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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 211

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memor

A few statistics on Martin-Baker ejection seats in jet fighters

10%: Proportion of Martin-Baker ejection seats that have saved a life

89.2% Crewmember survival rate for ejections

1-in-3: Number of ejectees who suffer spinal compression injuries

262–306: Miles per hour at which a person is ejected from the cockpit by an ejection seat

12–14: How many Gs a body is subjected to when ejecting

The level of liability for modern ejection seats is unique in the engineering field. Within 2 seconds, the complicated process go through these phases. Here’s what happens when a pilot pulls the ejection handle:

  • The cockpit canopy is jettisoned as an explosive cartridge under the seat sends it up an angled guide rail, while a series of restraints tighten around the pilot’s body.
  • An underseat rocket motor fires, lifting the pilot 200 additional feet into the air in order to prevent a collision with the plane’s tail.
  • drogue parachute deploys, stabilizing the seat and pilot, who is still strapped in at this stage.
  • A sensor automatically deploys the pilot’s main parachute, but only at 10,000 feet or below, where the air is breathable. The drogue detaches from the seat.
  • The seat now detaches from the pilot, whose parachute opens. Once the chute is open, a motor separates seat and pilot, who can now land.

Third class of religious sects for every religion are the tribes living close to urban surrounding and fertile zones; they adopt nomadic characteristics, but have acquired flexible line of thinking. This new category can resolve many difficulties in working out a taxonomy for religious sects,

Constipation didn’t bother me when I was sick, as if bowel movement was the last in he priorities. Actually, constipation is the first indication that you are about to get sick

Mother was sick like a dog for an entire week, and then she decided to pay a visit to her garden and fell. We recovered her 2 hours later, all bruised.

Best therapy for elderly people, pretty hard on hearing: each one tell his story, and everyone else pretend to have heard clearly. They all share big laughs.

From Wikileaks: Since 2012, Saudi Kingdom took the lead to rally Turkey and Qatar in order to oust Bashar Assad by all means. USA, France and England strongly were behind that initiative. Currently, Saudi Kingdom is at extreme odd with Qatar and Turkey and almost on its knees in the Yemen war.

Saudi Arabia MBC stops all Turkish series from this March: They claim the series are used to disseminate Ottoman Empire propaganda (Mostly accurate with this Erdogan regime). Good beginning related to this virulent Turkish aggression on all fronts. 

Kount 2aakher al 3ankoud li virus al Flu bil binayyah ak3adani 4 ayyam

Ma 7ada tal 3alayya wa ka2anno ma boskhon: kheyfaneen al termometre yodrob 42 wa yetkharrab. No excuses Yenshen2o

Part 3. How Israel in 1948 committed Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, about about 400,000 within days in first stage




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