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The Radical Revolutionary? Noam Chomsky

Posted on: June 28, 2018

The Radical Revolutionary? Noam Chomsky
“I do not feel that we should set up people as “models”; rather actions, thoughts, principles.”
Over time, as societies became freer and the resort to State violence more constrained, the urge to devise sophisticated methods of control of attitudes and opinion has only grown.
It is natural that the immense PR industry should have been created in the most free of societies, the United States and Great Britain.
The first modern propaganda agency was the British Ministry of Information a century ago, which secretly defined its task as “to direct the thought of most of the world
Targeting primarily progressive American intellectuals, who had to be mobilized to come to the aid of Britain during World War I.”

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“People can disrupt, make suggestions, but the same is true of a slave society.
People who aren’t owners and investors have nothing much to say about it. They can choose to rent their labor to the corporation, or to purchase the commodities or services that it produces, or to find a place in the chain of command, but that’s it.
That’s the totality of their control over the corporation.”

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