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Brain Dead. Explain to me, in lay terms

Posted on: July 12, 2018

Brain Dead. Explain to me, in lay terms

As far as I know, the medical profession has reached this consensus: “When diagnosed as brain dead, you are dead and done with. Period”

And yet, many “patients” are diagnosed as brain dead, and forced to “live” under therapeutic interventions

What it means to be brain dead in lay terms?

I will not search googles for what being brain dead means. I’ll try to surmise from my accummulated readings what it means to be brain dead, and in return I am asking the readers to correct my ignorance.

What I suspect is that a brain dead casualty is someone that medical instruments failed to detect” electrical activities” in the brain.

What that means?

Is our patient unable to even dream at all?

And so, what’s going on in this body where the heart is still pumping blood to places except the brain parts?

Is blood still reaching the automatic portions of the brain that keep the heart functional?

Are the lymbic brain portions for reflexes and basic survival activities still receiving blood?

I conjecture that the brain parts for seeing, hearing, feeling…all the external senses are dead?

I conjecture this patient cannot feel pain at all, even “unconsciously”?

Now, if many parts of the brain are not receiving blood, and consequently, are not irrigated with sugar to function, then these cells must be decaying? (Brain lives on sugar)

Which means that worms are already eating and reproducing in these locations?

Does that means some kind of pheromone chemicals are injected in the skull to keep worms at bay?

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