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What’s the trouble with learning? Continuous learning as you keep growing in age?

Maxwell said, “Leaders are learners.”

By Dan Rockwell

The trouble with learning is unlearning.

The trouble with learning is it changes past thinking. Learning amplifies, modifies, or invalidates past learning.

The trouble with learning is rethinking. New thoughts evaluate old thoughts. Learning tests old assumptions, strategies, or methods.

The trouble with learning is being wrong.

All learners inevitably say, “I was wrong when I thought the earth was flat.”

  1. If you can’t be wrong, you can’t learn.
  2. If you can’t learn, you can’t grow.
  3. If you can’t grow, you’re compost.

Those who can’t learn become history lessons for learners. Don’t be like Kodak, for example.

Learning leaders:

  1. Welcome awkward and uncomfortable questions from underlings and outsiders. Insiders seldom put you on the spot. You sign their pay checks and impact their career.
  2. Explore the assumptions of others. Learning leaders assume the assumptions of others. Try getting in the head of someone else and defending their position. You never learn when all you do is defend what you know.
  3. Read every day.
  4. Ask, “What if?” often.
  5. Journal. Record and reflect upon what you learn.
  6. Adapt and change. Name one thing you’ve changed in the last few months. You haven’t learned till you change, regardless of what you know.
  7. Draw out thoughts and ideas from others. How is the idea-flow around you? Is your closed mind closing their mouths?

Bonus: Never fall back on, “When I was young we did it …”

Next step learning:

“Before you become a leader, success is all about growing you. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

Leadership is about others. The most important thing leaders learn is how to grow others.

What hinders leaders from being learners?

How can leaders grow others?

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 220

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

“A Berlin, on pourrait recruter 20 chomeurs pour controller si les proprietaires de chiens ramassent les crottes de leurs animaux” (Claudia Hammerlig, deputee’ Verte). Je pense que ces controlleurs de crottes doivent eux-meme les ramasser  s’ils donnent une amende: ou bien ils les ramassent ou bien les clients paient une amende. 

Les controlleurs de crottes de chiens doivent pouvoir louer aux proprietaires de chiens les equipement necessaire pour ramasser les crottes

 “Seul celui qui travaille doit pouvoir manger?” (Depute’ alleman Munteferingo). Et Tous ceux qui touchent des allocations doivent fumer et boire de la bierre?

La pauvrete’ decoule du comportement des gens de sous-culture? Sous-entendu, c’est pas le porte-monnaie qui est vide, mais l’esprit. Comme si les riches qui achetent des objets de luxes qu’ils n’utilizent pas, ou bien une seule fois, ont tant d’esprit a distribuer?

To where the 200,000 inhabitant of Al Raqqa were transferred to? The USA has the humanitarian duty to save all civilians and Not commit war crimes as ISIS and allow UN team to visit this totally bombed and demolished city. 

Now that Turkey entered Afrin, it want to attack the city of Manbej in the Syria Kurdish canton of Kobani? This city co-habit “Arab” tribes, Kurds, Turkmenes, tcherkess and Tchetchenes. It was liberated in 2015 from ISIS.

The northern region of Syria is at proximity of historic cities such as Mardin and Nusaybin that mandated France over Syria and Lebanon gave to Turkey in 1935

A Kobani, dans la residence Kongra Star, ce sont les femmes qui traitent les plaintes de vendetta des crimes d’honneur, avant de les referer a la justice quand elles ne trouvent pas de compromis.

En 2015, l’ organisation Kurde de Syrie (PYD), a l’instigation des Americains, ont rases des villages entieres dans la region de Tell Abyad pour que les Americains construisent leurs bases militaires (des crimes de guerre documentes par Amnesty)

A l’ Assemblee’ Legislative du canton Kurde Al Jazira (Cezire) dans la ville de Amoude siege 101 membres , dont la moitie’ sont feminins.

Rojava (Ouest du Kurdistan) de Syrie, Iraq et Turkie

Les grandes puissances coloniales ont l’intention d’hypoteque’ l’avenir du Nord Syrie, riche en hydrocarbure (25% des reserves de terre), surtout dans la region de Al Malikiyah (Rumeillah) pres de la riviere Tigre.

Le contrat social de la Federation democratique des Kurdes de la Syrie rejette le nationalism et prone une societe’ egalitaire, paritaire et le respect des droits des minorites. (Mireille Court et Chris Den Hond, envoyes speciaux du Monde Diplomatique)

Les organizations Kurdes PKK et le PYD se referent a Abdullah Ocalan (Kurdish/ Turkish leader in prison since 1999) et a l’ecologiste Americain Murray Brookchin (1921-2006)




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