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Not good enough claiming: “I think that I can do this…”

By Dan Rockwell?

Traditional wisdom says self-affirmation builds optimism and confidence.

Dispel doubt, discouragement, and fear by repeating things like: “I’m awesome.” “I can do this.”

What if the Little Engine that Could – “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” – was wrong?

Self-question rather than self-affirm:

Best selling author, Daniel Pink undermines traditional, “I think I can,” philosophy in his new book, “To Sell is Human.”

Traditional wisdom suggests, “Declaring an unshakable belief in your inherent awesomeness inflates a sturdy raft that can keep you bobbing in an ocean of rejection.

Alas, the social science shows something different…” Daniel Pink.

Children’s author, Shel Silverstein agrees when he says, “thinking you can just ain’t enough.”

Can I?

Pink explains that asking, “Can I do this?” is more powerful than repeating, “I can do this.” (Apologies to positive self-talkers –supportive research)

“Declarative self-talk risks bypassing one’s motivations. Questioning self-talk elicits the reasons for doing something and reminds people that many of those reasons come from within.” Daniel Pink.

Ask, “Can I do this?” before facing your next challenge and jot down the reasons you can.

Stop repeating, “I’m confident,” when you’re not. There’s something better than, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Pink says Bob the Builder nails it when he asks, “Can we fix this?

One more step – Developing others:

Spend more time asking, “How can you do this?” and less on, “I believe in you.”

It’s true that believing in others enhances their confidence.

Believing in others (asking questions) more than they believe in themselves is part of leadership. Pink suggests that asking rather than telling enhances confidence.

Buy: “To Sell is Human.”

How might self-questioning result in confidence?

How might asking, “How can you do this?” apply to parenting, dealing with colleagues, young leaders, or employees?

to try; afraid to try guarantees failure.

The fear of failure prevents success.

Stunning success stands atop many stunning failures. Edison said, “I’ve failed my way to success.” (And ignoring the achievement of others employees and collaborators in Not giving them their due contributions?)

10 Ways to Fail Well:

  1. Pursue next time more than last time.
  2. Reject finger pointing. Blame gets you off the hook but never produces success.
  3. Respond with optimism, not anger. Confidence answers anger; inadequacy fuels it.
  4. “Forgive and remember,” Bob Sutton in, Good Boss Bad Boss.
  5. Share lessons learned from failure. Leadership’s greatest influence occurs through failures. Frailty enhances your influence as long as it’s not an excuse.

. Leadership’s greatest influence occurs through failures. Frailty enhances your influence as long as it’s not an excuse.

  • Seek clarity. Resist urges to close your eyes. Open them instead.
  • Call “failure meetings” and ask, “What isn’t working?” Make talking about failure normal not taboo.
  • Celebrate adaption, if you can’t celebrate failure directly. “We changed.”
  • Fail small in order to succeed large. Try, test, improve, (redesign) and move forward. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Dig into ways that failure makes you better. “Failure changes for the better, success for the worse.” Seneca

One cause:

Often I fail because I don’t listen. I know too much. I’ve learned confidence becomes over-confidence when it closes my ears. True confidence listens.

What’s at the root of many of your failures?

How can you or organizations fail well?

No more housing loans to the poorer classes: Only political billionaires mafias can borrow from state supported banks

Many politicians get first helping from loans supported banks to purchase apartments for their family members. Currently, the Central Bank suspended these guaranteed loans on the basis of shortage in funds and liquidity.

Most judges secured such loans which amounted to $31 million.

Countless wedding were cancelled this summer, about 40%, because the future couples were unable to secure housing loans.

In Lebanon we have one such a billionaire and an ex prime minister and a deputy in the parliament and from the neglected large city of Tripoli. His name is Najib Mikati and is worth at least $2 billion from communication franchises in Africa. And he vaunts of funding a university and charities. The cost of wedding his son in Morocco for 3 days and nights surpassed $30 million.
Mikati real estate group borrowed money from the housing bank $14 millions, loans that are mainly reserved for the young working couples to settle in Lebanon, instead of seeking to emigrate to greener pastures.
Basically, the Mikati take supported loans from the state in order to boast that whatever financial aid he is bestowing on the people of Tripoli are from his own wealth.
The file of Mikati Group will be handled by Ali Ibrahim, financial general prosecutor, after the Journalist Zahran made this case public.
Note that this Zahran has become to mouth piece of Nabih Berry, Parliament Chairman, during the election and it looks as a political pressure on Mikati to soften his position in the formation of the new government.

نصّاب حرامي ويدّعي الايمان والزهد……..

مجموعة ميقاتي أمام القضاء الأسبوع المقبل

ليبانون ديبايت | 2018 – تموز – 21

“ليبانون ديبايت”
فجر مدير مركز الارتكاز الاعلامي قنبلة من العيار الثقيل حين اماط اللثام عن مصير ملايين الدولارات التي تصرف من جيب البنوك كقروض مدعومة من مصرف لبنان مما ساهم على نحو مؤثر في الازمة الاسكانية الحالية.
وكشف زهران في حديث صحفي ان عددا من السياسيين يستفيدون من قروض مرتفعة جدا، من بينهم رئيس الوزراء الاسبق نجيب ميقاتي. وابرز زهران وثيقة تظهر ان مجموعة ميقاتي نالت قروضاً مدعومة من مصرف لبنان يصل مجموعها الى ١٤ مليون دولار اميركي، علما انها مخصصة لعامة الشعب.

واللافت ان ميقاتي القابض على ملكية عدد من الشركات العملاقة يجثو على اكثر من ٦ مليار دولار اميركي، فلماذا يمد يده على القروض السكنية المخصصة لذوي الدخل المحدود؟
وقد تسبب كشف الموضوع عبر الاعلام بجدل واسع في البلاد وعلى مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، وطرق ابواب ميقاتي الذي عمم على المقربين منه التحرك فورا وعلى كافة المستويات من اجل سحب الموضوع من التداول.

وعلم “ليبانون ديبايت” ان مقربين من ميقاتي اجروا اتصالات مع جهات حزبية بهدف الضغط على زهران واسكاته ولفلفة الموضوع، خصوصا وان الاخير اعلن انه بصدد التوجه للقضاء، لكن الجهات المذكورة قالت كلاما للمتصلين بما معناه: “ليس لنا علاقة وليذهب الملف الى القضاء”.
وفي المعلومات ان المدعي العام المالي علي ابراهيم اتصل بمدير مركز الارتكاز الاعلامي منوهاً بما كشفه على الاعلام مبديا استعداده للسير قانونيا بالملف، حيث اتفق الجانبان على اللقاء مطلع الاسبوع المقبل على ان يزود زهران ابراهيم بمضمون ما يملك.

وتبين وفق معلومات “ليبانون ديبايت” ان هناك زمرة كبيرة من السياسيين المستفيدين من القروض، وهو ما يفسر اعلان مصرف لبنان عجزه عن استكمال تسديد القروض وصرف الميزانيه المخصصة بالكامل.
واستكمل زهران كشفه لمضمون الوثيقة التي بحوذته، ليتبين ان قضاة نالوا قروضا اسكانية يقارب مجموعها ال٣١ مليون دولار اميركي.
هذا ونقل عن أوساط حاكم المصرف المركزي رياض سلامة ان المستندات التي ابرزها زهران صحيحة وهي جزء من تحقيق فتحه المصرف المركزي حول كيفية استخدام المصارف للقروض المدعومة منه.

والخبير الاقتصادي غازي وزني في حديث صحفي، فند المعطيات التالية: القروض مأخوذة عامي 2010 و2013 من بنك عودة يوم كانت المصارف تُعطي هذه القروض من احتياطها الالزامي لدى مصرف لبنان وذلك من دون وجود سقوف مالية لهذه القروض. أما قروض المؤسسة العامة للإسكان فدعومة من مصرف لبنان مباشرة وليس من احتياط المصارف الإلزامي.




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