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In 5 days, 4 people in India government will delete 7 million Muslim citizens from their register

Posted on: July 26, 2018

In 5 days, 4 people in India government will delete 7 million Muslim citizens from their register

The Indian government is feeling the heat! of our campaign.

And now we have 5 more days to stop them deleting millions of Muslims from its citizenship register!

Officials have attacked Avaaz, but privately we’re hearing they’re keeping more people on the list because of our global outcry.

If we ratchet up the pressure during this critical time before deadline day on 30th July, we can literally save lives.

Four men control the fate of millions.

Let’s put them under massive pressure by writing to them at this critical decision-making time. The more personal your message the better.

Write from the heart and share on:. TwitterFacebookEmail

Below are some questions you can use, but the more personal your post or tweet, the more impact it’ll have.

Think about the poor, illiterate people trapped in this heartless bureaucracy that’s destroying lives by deleting names on a computer!

Then write from that place.

  • Why is India making millions of people, mostly Muslims, stateless?
  • Why is the government so biased against Bengali-speakers?
  • How many people will be left off the 30 July list?
  • Why are you building a new prison camp for “foreigners”?

Local officials, who have never before faced international scrutiny, are now racing to limit the number of people kept off the list.

It’s happening because of our campaign! In these critical 5 remaining days, they need to know the world is watching.

To share the original petition with friends and understand more about the issue, please click here.

With hope and determination,

Antonia, Emma, Nate, Nataliya, Laura, Wissam and the rest of the Avaaz team

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