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Iphonography? Iphone potentials for taking pictures?

Posted on: July 28, 2018

Iphonography? Really?

by ~mimo~

walking in the rainwalking in the rain
loving the rainloving the rain

dreams in puddles~dreams in puddlesMimo posted:

“There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought there is no way for me to consider using my iphone for anything but light image and sharing if I had no other choice.

I happened by chance on Michael a brilliant photographer and  iphone artist who has a masterful over his photography style and words, completely unique to him, and that “meeting” on Flickr and on Instagram turned my photography upside down in such a magical way.

I think other people are the most potent providers of inspiration when we are able to have an honest, robust exchange of both mind and spirit that can take both people far into realms of the unknown. It is magical when that happens.

It drew me to a circle of more incredible artists like Brendan, who creates phenomenal images daily and is now blogging here.

So yes, the iphone, a brilliant tool for creating and altering realities, for giving form to visions and for capturing the invisible..

Please check out these two amazing artists

Michael’s flickr, website, facebook

Branden’s Flickr, Blog

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