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Are Youth in Lebanon leading the change in archaic Lebanon system?

Posted on: August 10, 2018

Are Youth in Lebanon leading the change in archaic Lebanese system?

With Sustainable Development being a priority on the international agenda, how do youth see this agenda being translated into concrete actions that reflect the priorities of the Lebanese?

What are the actions that will reinforce the economic, social, and environmental pillars of Sustainable Development?

What criteria do we consider when identifying our national development priorities?

Cedric Choukair of WYA Middle East posted on Nov.7, 2012 under:

“Sustainable Development Workshop Series”

The series of independent 3 hour workshops will help Lebanese youth understand the concept of sustainable development based on the World Youth Alliance’s International Solidarity Forum (ISF) 2012 declaration.

The workshop will discuss some of the points presented in the WYA white paper on sustainable development that was recently published. The participants will also help us understand how the underlying ideas of the declaration practically apply to the Lebanese context.

For all the details of the workshop series including registration, click here!

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